Elemental Workshop IV

Author(s): ryfos
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Sorcerer's Tower
How to Start: Search the bookcase on the ground floor
Length: Short
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Elemental Workshop III, Level 41 Crafting, Level 39 Runecrafting, Level 39 Thieving, Level 42 Smithing, Level 40 Defence
Items Needed: A hammer, a chisel, a handful of elemental runes (air, earth, water, and fire), a knife, and two Primed bars of Elemental metal [OR a pickaxe and 8 coal to make the bars].
Recommendations: None

Thormac at the Sorcerer's Tower recently discovered a book in his collection that he didn't recognise, all about the fabled Elemental Workshop. As he'd heard that this was something you're researching, and he's more 'mystic' and this book's all 'cosmic', he'd love for you to pop by to pick it up.

Starting Out

Start off at the Sorcerer's Tower, south of Seers' Village. Take the book from the bookshelf on the ground floor and read it. It tells of continuing story of the Elemental Workshop, and the Cosmic workshop.

Head up to the Elemental Workshop (Getting your Battered Key back if needed by searching the bookshelves in the house opposite the Elemental Workshop). If you need to get the Primed Elemental bars, do so now. You need 4 coal and 1 Elemental ore per bar.

Read these instructions for how to prime a bar.

Use a knife on the grindstone on the ground floor outside the workshop, and you will create a Keyblade. Use the keyblade on the door at the end of the hall in the deepest level of the workshop to open it, and access the Cosmic room.

The Cosmic Puzzle

For the Cosmic puzzle, you need to match the runes on the wall on the north and west sides of the room with the colors on the pillars throughout the room so that the beams of light can cross. You can use the control panel to the southeast to rotate pillars as needed for the first part of the puzzle, or exchange runes on the wall.

Once you match the 2x2x1 puzzle, a larger, 3x3x2 puzzle will appear. Continue this process, adding in the ability to change the height of runes. Once you complete the 3x3x2 puzzle, the final, 4x4x3 puzzle will apear. Complete this puzzle and operate the Drain machine in the southeast corner. You'll have a cutscene of the Automatron opening the Chaos door for you.

Click here for a sample completed puzzle.

The Chaos Puzzle

Head into the Chaos room and find the Shabby book on the desk. Reading the book will tell you you need Cosmic gloves for the Chaos puzzle. Reset the Cosmic puzzle (one pillar turned, find and reset it), recharge the machine, and place one of your Elemental bars on the machine. Operate it, take the bar, and head upstairs to the anvils to make Cosmic Gloves.

Once you're back at the Chaos puzzle, you have to use the levers to move blocks around. The south-most lever moves the puzzle 5 blocks counter-clockwise, the next one moves the puzzle 1 block counter-clockwise, the next, 1 block clockwise, and the fourth, 5 blocks clockwise. You will need to move the blocks specified below to either RAM lever, and then pull the corresponding lever on the other wall to push it into the CPU. Place both of each set of these blocks in the CPU to activate the command.

  1. Get Nature
  2. Put Mind
  3. Break Law
  4. Get Cosmic
  5. Put Mind
  6. Get Fire
  7. Put Water

Carve the tablet on the workbench, then take it, and replace the old broken astral tablet. Then, head back to the levers and run these commands:

  1. Get Body
  2. Put Mind
  3. Get Astral
  4. Put Mind
  5. Break Earth
  6. Operate Chaos

Place a bar in the Chaos machine, and operate it. Take your Chaos bar upstairs and use it on the anvil to create Chaos boots. Quest complete!

Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points; 9,000 Crafting XP; 7,500 Runecrafting XP; 50 coal and the ability to make and equip Elemental Cosmic and Chaos equipment, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.