Elemental Workshop II

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Exam Centre at the Dig Site
How to Start: Search the bookcases and read a Beaten Book
Length: Short
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Elemental Workshop I, Level 20 Magic, Level 30 Smithing
Items Needed: Pickaxe, Hammer, Battered Key, Slashed Book, 8 coal
Recommendations: None
Among the ancient scrolls and papers held at the Dig Site's Examination Centre, scholars have discovered more references to the mysterious elemental ore. Recently they have uncovered a beaten book detailing long-lost uses for this odd material.
Can you decrypt the code that will lead you to the deeper depths of the Elemental Workshop? Can you get your head around fixing the mind-bending machinery, or will you fry your brain in the attempt?

Book of the Elemental Helm

In the Dig Site Exam Center, search the bookshelves until you find a beaten book. Read it, and a scroll will fall out. Read through the book first, then look at the scroll.
Head to the Elemental Workshop that's through the odd door in the Seers' Village anvil building. Now, in the workshop, following the direction on the scroll, it will lead you to some machinery in the water elemental room.
In the workshop, head west and obtain two elemental ore, then in the south portion of the workshop, make them into two bars. Now open the hatch in the middle of the workshop. Climb down.

Elemental Workshop II

Old Crane

Welcome to the priming station of the elemental workshop! To the south, you will see a crane and a couple levers. Just west of the levers, look for a crate that is open and full of scrolls. Take both of the schematics.
Look at the crane schematics, and climb back up to the top floor of the workshop. Use an elemental bar on an anvil and choose to make a claw. Next to the crane, pull the western lever and use the claw on the lowered claw hook.

Steam Press

Climb up the stairs to the west of the crane, and look for the junction box just above the steam press. Open it up and align the pipes as follows.
  • Click the bottom right pipe and the top left pipe.
  • Click the top right pipe and the top middle pipe.
  • Click the bottom middle pipe and the bottom left pipe.

Water Tank

Search all of the boxes around the priming station (don't forget to look on the catwalks!) for three different sized cogs and a pipe. After getting them all, climb up to the north side of the catwalk and look for the pipe north of the water tank. Use your pipe section on it to replace it.

Wind Tunnel

On the wind tunnel, look for a boxed area along the side. You should see some arrows and pins. You must use the cogs on the correct pins. Put the small one on the top left pin, the large cog on the right, and the medium cog on the remaining one.

Priming the Bar

Now that everything is fixed, go to the crane (make sure the claw is raised) and use the elemental bar on the jig cart. Pull the western lever twice to lower the crane and pick up the bar.
Pull the eastern lever to swing it around, then pull the western lever twice to dip it into the lava. Swing it around again and raise and lower the claw again. Pull the lever just north of you to advance the cart along the track.

When the cart is under the steam press, pull the lever in front of it and pull the other lever to advance it along the track. At the water tank, turn the eastern valve so it opens. Pull the lever and turn the corkscrew twice.
Pull the lever again to close the door, then turn both of the valves. Then, after turning both of them, turn them both again to drain the water. Open the door, turn the corkscrew twice again, close the door, and advance it along the track.
Once the track is in the wind tunnel, pull the lever twice. Finally, advance the cart again, and pick up your primed bar at the claw. Climb down the other hatch to the northwest, and open the first door on the east.

Mind Helm

Use your primed bar on the extractor gun to place it under it. Now, operate the extractor hat. Note: Your magic level will be partially drained.

Pick up your mind bar, and head to the anvils two floors up and create a mind helm.
Reward Scroll
7500 Crafting XP, 7500 Smithing XP, Ability to make and use elemental mind equipment, 1 QP, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.