Dragon Slayer

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: No
Where to Start: Champions' Guild
How to Start: Speak to the Guildmaster
Length: Long
Difficulty: Experienced
Requirements: Be a member of the Champions' Guild
Items Needed: 1 Law Rune, 1 Air Rune, and 2,000 GP (if you're Level 33 in Magic); or 12,000 GP (if you're NOT Level 33 in Magic), 3 Planks, 90 Steel Nails, Anti-Dragon Shield, Hammer, Wizard's Mind Bomb, Lobster Pot, Unfired Bowl, Silk
Recommendations: Be able to kill a lvl 83 dragon, 33 Magic
Prove yourself a true hero. Kill the mighty dragon Elvarg of Crandor Island and earn the right to buy and wear the powerful rune plate mail body.

A quest fit for Champions

Once inside the Champions' Guild, talk to the Guildmaster. Ask for a quest, and he will tell you he has one, and as a reward you will be able to wear a rune platebody. He tells you to speak to Oziach for your quest. Oziach lives on the edge of Edgeville.

Talk to Oziach and choose the following options:
  • Can you sell me a rune platebody?
  • The Guildmaster of the Champions' Guild told me.
  • I thought you were going to give me a quest.
  • A dragon, that sounds like fun.

He'll tell you to slay the Dragon of Crandor before he'll let you wear the Rune Platebody. He'll direct you back to the Guildmaster for tips on how to kill the Dragon. Tell him you talked to Oziach.
The Guildmaster will tell you the story of Crandor and Elvarg. He'll tell you that you need a boat, a map, and a shield to protect against the dragon's fire.

The Shield

Go to Lumbridge castle, second floor, and talk to Duke Horacio. Tell him you seek a shield to seek protection from Dragonfire. He will tell you the story of Elvarg from his point of view, and will eventually give you the shield.

The Map

Melzar's Map

Ask the Guildmaster about Melzar's piece, and he will tell you Melzar locked himself up in a castle he built. He will give you a key to Melzar's Maze.
Enter Melzar's Maze, and kill Zombie Rats (level 3) until they drop a red key. Then, enter the door marked below and climb up the ladder.

Kill Ghosts (level 19) until they drop an orange key. Enter the door marked below and climb up the ladder.

Kill the skeletons (level 22) until one drops the yellow key. Enter the door and climb down the ladder as marked below:

Head down the ladders to the basement. Kill the Zombies until they drop a blue key, and head into the only blue door and kill Melzar (level 43). Pick up the magenta key he drops, and head into the Lesser Demon (level 82) room. Kill it and pick up the green key it drops, and go through the Green Door.
Open and search the chest to find the map piece, head up the nearby ladder, and exit the maze.

Thalzar's Map

Thalzar hid his map piece very well, and so you'll need to talk to the Oracle of Ice Mountain for help finding it.
Go to the Oracle. She is located on the north, snowy part, of Ice Mountain. Talk to her, seeking the map piece. She'll give you a riddle, saying that it's behind a door and you'll need some things. You will need the following items:
  • Wizards' Mind Bomb - Can be obtained from Falador Bar
  • Lobster Pot - Can be obtained from Gerrant's Fishing Shop in Port Sarim
  • Silk - Can be obtained from silk trader in Al Khrid
  • Unfired bowl - Take some soft clay and use it on a pottery wheel, making it into a bowl. Do not fire the bowl!

After you get all the items, go into the Dwarven Mines. Go to the north-east corner of the Dwarven Mines (not the mining shop) to find a room guarded by a large magic door. Use each item on the door (careful not to drink the Wizard s Mind Bomb!) and the door will open.
Go in and collect the map piece out of the chest.

Lozar's Map

Lozar was recently killed, and her house raided, by goblins. He suggests you talk to the goblins of Goblin Village to find out where the map went.
In Goblin Village, talk to one of the generals in the large building, and ask about a map piece. They'll tell you that Wormbrain has it, and is now in Port Sarim Jail.
Once inside the jail, look for Wormbrain. You can either pay for it (10,000 GP), or Kill him with mage or range and Telegrab it (33 Magic required).

The Map

After you have all the map pieces, use one on the other with all three in your inventory, and you will put the map together.

The Ship

Look for Klarense on one of the southern docks of Port Sarim. Talk to him, and choose to buy the ship. It's a little broken, so he's offering 2000 GP for it, and throws in the cabin boy.
Bring 3 regular planks, 90 steel nails, and a hammer. Cross the gangplank onto your boat, go down the ladder, and fix the hole on the south side of the boat. You will need to click to repair it three times.

A sailor

You now have everything... but a Sailor willing to go to Crandor. Go talk to Ned in Draynor Village. Talk to him and ask him to sail him to Crandor. He'll debate with himself if he will or not, but will eventually decide to.
Give him the map, and he'll meet you at the ship.


Go back to your ship at Port Sarim, and cross the gangplank. Talk to Ned, and set sail!

Elvarg will attack you as you get close to the island, killing the cabin boy. The boat will start sinking, until you crash on land. You are knocked unconscious and wake up some time later. Run to the center of the island, and climb down into the dungeon.
You will see a small cut-scene. Go over to Elvarg's lair, and climb over the low wall. Let the battle begin! You will need the anti-dragon shield, and if you're a member, antifire potion is recommended as well. Magic isn't as effective as range, but Fire Bolt or higher are plausible.
Once you have slain Elvarg, you will sever her head and hold it in the air as a trophy. Bring it back to Oziach.
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, 18650 Defence, 18650 Strength, Ability to reach Crandor using secret passage under Karamja, Ability to wear Rune Platebody armour and Green D'Hide Body, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.