Do No Evil

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Where to Start: The mastaba on the east coast of the desert, south of Uzer
How to Start: Speak with Senliten
Length: Long
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: Escorted Leela to Senliten's tomb, Recipe for Disaster (Awowogei subquest), Missing My Mummy - 100% completion, Dealing with Scabaras, Shadow of the Storm, Smoking Kills, Desert Treasure, Animal Magnetism, Level 50 Ranged, Level 64 Construction, Level 68 Crafting, Level 70 Magic, Level 70 Thieving, Ability to defeat three enemies with levels ranging from 165-180
Items Needed: Gorilla Greegree, Ring of Charos, Ava's Accumulator, a Cat, 1 Desert Shirt, 1 Desert Robe, 1 Desert Boots, 3 Full Waterskins, 10 Bananas, 6 Teak Planks, 10 Bolts of Cloth, 1 Hammer, 1 Saw, 3 Rope (1 if you have been to the Kalphite Queen's Lair before), 3 Knives, M'speak Amulet, Ghostspeak Amulet, 1 Monkey Speak Amulet Mould, Runes for highest Ancient Magic Ice Attack you can do, At least 1,000 gp, 1 Antipoison Potion, Waterskins or Enchanted Water Tiara for personal use when traveling in the desert (the waterskins for yourself are going to be seperate from the 3 you need for the quest)
Recommendations: A Combat Level of 100 or higher, Material to Teleport to Ape Atoll twice, High level Ranged outfit, Rune Crossbow, Ruby Bolts (e), High level Food for the boss fights
Having awoken from her sleep, Senliten, the Pharaoh Queen, can sense that something is missing from the desert. That 'something' isn't water, vegetation or a sense of right and wrong: it's monkeys! Generations ago, when Apmeken, the monkey god, roamed the desert, monkeys were as common as a blackjack mugging in the desert; but when she left the desert, the monkeys left too. Can you convince Awowogei to send a colony of simians to the desert? And how will they fare in a climate where even the hardiest of adventurers have perished?


One of the requirements to start this quest is to bring Leela to Senlisten's tomb. If you haven't done so yet, Leela is located north of the Draynor Village jail, between the jail and the wheat field. Talk to her and she'll ask you to escort her to Senliten. Agree and you will be teleported to the tomb in the Mastaba south of Uzer in the Kharidian Desert.

Monkey be gone!

Start the quest by speaking to Senliten in her temple south of the Ruins of Uzer. Ask if you can be of any service, and she will first want to tell you a story. She will tell you how she was saved by desert monkeys as a child, and wishes for them to return to the desert. You don't understand the importance of the desert monkeys returning, so she sends you to Sophanem to talk to Jex and the Sphinx about the god, Apmeken.
Talk to the Sphinx and your cat will come out and talk to it some. Ask it to talk about the minor gods. Next, ask the Sphinx to tell you about Apmeken. After speaking with the Sphinx, head to the northeast corner of Sophanem and talk to Jex who is standing outside the building. Ask him to tell you more about the minor gods like you did with the Sphinx. Then select to hear about Apmeken. Learn everything you can about her from Jex.

Monkeying Around

If you talk with Leela, she will say that you shouldn't waste time with the monkeys of Karamja, as they would not suit the desert due to their cruel nature. Instead, you must travel to Ape Atoll. Once there, go to the three wise monkeys inside the temple and talk to them. Tell them that you're trying to get some of the monkeys back to the desert. They'll think that you're a human. Admit that you're a human. They'll want to see your human form first, but you need to get rid of the monkey guard in order to do that.

Go to the northeast corner of the temple and grab a banana from the pile of bananas (they're green bananas). You will leave a trail of bananas for the monkey guard to go from his post to the banana crate. You have to avoid all the gorilla guards with your trail or they'll eat the bananas. Drop the first half first, then as he's eating them quickly drop the second half of the trail. It takes a few tries to get the hang of it. Use the above map to do the trail.
Once the monkey guard is eating the bananas from the crate, you need to go back to the three wise monkeys and talk to them with your greegree still on. They'll tell you to go on and show them already. Take your greegree off and talk to them again. After that they'll ask you to quickly put your greegree back on.
To make sure you weren't sent by their nemesis, they'll ask you question about Apmeken. Use the following answers:
  • The baboon head
  • On the monkey's shoulder

They tell you to go to the King now and tell him you want to start a colony in the desert so that you may take more monkeys with you. He asks you why you wish to do so; choose the answer "To build the greatest monkey colony ever!" Keep talking and then choose "choc ice".
The King wants you to bring him a choc ice in the shape of a monkey to prove how good they are. If you don't have a M'amulet Mould yet, make sure to buy one from the Crafting shop outside of the temple for 10 gp. If you aren't on Ancient Magicks by now either, you will need to go to the Desert Treasure pyramid and change now. When ready, head to Nardah. Make sure to bring your Monkeyspeak Amulet Mould (M'amulet Mould), runes to cast an ancient magic ice attack (50-100 casts), anti-posion potions, a weapon, and 1,320 gp with you. The choc ice vendor is near his stall in the market square with the water fountain; his name is Rokuh. Talk to him and ask to make the special choc ice.

Chocolaty Noms

You now have to run from Nardah back to Ape Atoll without any teleports, gliders, or fairy rings. Make sure to keep watching your chat box to know when to cast the spell again. In order to use the spell on the choc ice you need to left click the choc ice in your pack, which will place it on the ground under you, then you need to click on your spell and click on the choc ice. It'll automatically return the choc ice to your pack each time you do this.
One way of doing this is to take a carpet back to Pollnivneach, take the north carpet back to Shantay. Ask him what this place is (may have to restart the conversation after asking this if you've used this method previously). Tell him you're an outlaw, and he'll put you in the jail nearby. Have him then send you to Port Sarim prison.
Pickpocket the cell door and leave the prison and use the Port Sarim charter to go to Brimhaven. From Brimhaven, take a boat to Ardougne, and run up to the Gnome Stronghold and return to Ape Atoll by talking to Daero near the bar on the Grand Tree, then taking the glider.
Another alternative after reaching Port Sarim would be to run up to the Crafting Guild Hot Air Balloon, and travel directly to the Gnome Stronghold (requiring a magic log and completion of Enlightened Journey, 60 firemaking, and the corresponding routes unlocked).
Once on Ape Atoll, you'll have a checkpoint with Lumdo in case your Chimp Ice melts on the island. When you are on Ape Atoll make sure to use your greegree when you don't need to cast a spell on the choc ice. When you do, wield your weapon to quickly transform back to a human and cast the spell. Make sure to be in an area where you won't get attacked by monkeys when doing so. You can use the monkey guards at the gate to take you to the jail if you wish.
Give the Chimp Ice to Awowogei.

Barrel of Monkeys

Awowogei will literally give you a barrel of monkeys. Go talk to the three wise monkeys. They'll tell you that you need to build the colony between the humps for the mountain camel.

Head to the desert now with your Barrel of Monkeys. Go to the location shown in the image above and let the monkeys out of the barrel there. They'll complain about not having a carpet travel point at their colony. They tell you to go talk to Ali Morisane about this. Go talk to him at his stall in Al Kharid. Make sure your Ring of Charos is equipped.
He will tell you that he lost metal crates in the desert, and that he's heard of a scientist in Draynor Manor who's experimented with magnets. You'll ask him for one of the metal crates, then ask what route the carpet took. Make sure that you have your accumulator in your pack, then head to Draynor to talk to Ava about building the new device (may have to click the "More" option first).

She will upgrade it and hide a crate in the manor grounds. You need to test your new Ava's Alerter. Go grab a spade next to the back exit of Draynor Manor, then head outside to search for the crate. It's located in the southwest part of the Draynor Manor yard. Look at the map above for the exact location. After you find it go back inside and talk to Ava.

Carpet Search

Now that that's done, head back to the desert. Ali told you that the crates should be near the mountain camel hump where the monkey colony is located. There are five crates total for you to find. They are around the clusters of rocks between Bedabin Camp and the Mines. Make sure to move only one space at a time when your chicken starts alerting you. It seems to not be the same exact locations for everyone. Imagine it as a huge game of minesweeper. The number of bwuks ranges from 1-4. 1 means you're closer, 2 means you're closer, 3 means you're 1 spot away, and 4 means it's right under you.
The below map shows the general location of the crates, as the exact location changes per person. With the second and fourth crates dug up, you will be attacked by a small scarab. Note: the circled areas are only approximate.

Economy Building for Dummies

Return to the colony and give them the rugs. One of them will hand you a book. Read it. You need to build the stalls and the tent as the book tells you to. Go grab your 1 Desert Shirt, 1 Desert Robe, 1 Desert Boots, 3 Full Waterskins, 10 Bananas, 6 Teak Planks, 10 Bolts of Cloth, 1 Hammer, 1 Saw, 1 Rope, 3 Knives, 1 Uncut Sapphire, 1 Uncut Emerald, 1 Uncut Ruby, and 1 Uncut Diamond now (you can use the gems you obtain from digging for the crates). You will need to take trips with building the stalls.
After building and stocking all three stalls and the tent, speak to the three wise monkeys again. They'll now request you to do another thing. They want you to go and get them monkey knives from Ape Atoll. Get your Gorilla Greegree and head back to Ape Atoll.
The monkeys with the knives are in the building directly west of the jail on Ape Atoll. Use your Gorilla Greegree and punch them, then instantly go and pickpocket them. If you take too long to pickpocket them you won't be successful. The knives don't always get looted. Sometimes you'll get money instead. Just keep doing this until you have all six knives. After you are done head back to the Monkey Colony.
Once there, talk to the three wise monkeys and they'll hand the knives out. They will finally tell you that they need no further help. Return to Senliten and tell her what you've done.

A Hairy Situation

You'll walk in on Osman yelling at Leela for sneaking off to Senliten's Temple. Talk to Senliten and let her know about the Monkey Colony. She'll stop talking mid-sentence. Ask her what's wrong and she'll tell you to hurry back to the Colony.
Take the Ghostspeak Amulet and M'speak Amulet with you to the Monkey Colony. Inspect one of the monkey bodies and a ghost will appear. Try talking to it. After doing so, use your Ghostspeak Amulet on your M'speak Amulet to make a Cramulet. After you have the Cramulet talk to the monkey ghost again. He will tell you that the three wise monkeys were kidnapped by some monsters, fragments of gods.


The first boss is in the Smoky Well in Pollnivneach. The dead monkey tells you to attack the first boss close-up. Go get good melee gear, and the best food you can (sharks or better). To find her, go directly north from the entrance once you are inside the Smoky Well. Keep going and pass through the red barrier, and prepare for your battle.
During the fight use Protect from Magic. Make sure to leave 1 spot open for your helmet since the boss will remove it to "See your lips". If she can't remove it, then you'll take a hit for 300 damage.
After you defeat her, Apmekin will appear and say a sentence then disappear. You return the monkey to the Colony.


Ask the ghost monkey about the 2nd boss. He'll tell you that she dragged her monkey into the Kalphite Queen's lair and went past her. He tells you to keep your distance but not to hide. The second boss, Ayuni, attacks with melee up close, and magic from a distance. Both attack styles will drain your Prayer. Attack this boss with Ranged.
Do not let her get too close because her melee attacks hit very hard. Make sure to stock up on a lot of high level food just like the first boss. Don't bother bringing Prayer Potions due to the quickness of the boss's Prayer draining ability. Also take an Antipoison Potion due to the Kalphite minions that can poison you in there. It is recommended that you take your Cramulet with you as you will need to speak to this monkey before it'll leave.
If you did not take it, take the new hole behind it that has light shining out, it is a new shortcut to the Kalphite Queen's lair. You may use it to come back and talk to the monkey after you grab your Cramulet. The new entrance will have an ! mark on the map to indicate where it's at.


After returning to the Colony, speak to the ghost monkey again. He will tell you that he tracked the last boss to Uzer, but he does not have anymore information than that.
The last boss is located through the portal in the Ruins of Uzer. She will stay in the middle of the chamber and summon Lesser Demons as she loses health, once at the start, and then increasing numbers every 25% health lost. You cannot harm her at all when the Lesser Demons are alive, so hide behind a pillar to heal and kill them.
While fighting her use Protect from Range. Her attacks can still hit through your Prayer some, so make sure to take high level food like you did in the previous fights. It is recommended that you use Magic or Ranged to kill this boss.
If you need to eat while taking no damage from her, just run and hide behind a pillar and eat. Seeing that she stays in the middle of the room, she cannot move to a vantage point that would allow her to attack you. Enjoy, and don't forget your Cramulet!

The Return

Now that you're back at the Colony, talk to the three wise monkeys to find out the rest of the story. After talking to Apmeken you'll restore the Colony to its former "glory". Feel free to talk to the monkeys and ask them a few things before returning to Senliten to tell her what all happened.
Reward Scroll
50k Magic XP, 50k Thieving XP, 40k Crafting XP, 30k Construction XP, New carpet routes, Cramulet, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: You can also combine the Camulet and Catspeak Amulet with the Cramulet.
After the quest, you can buy more Chimp Ice from a monkey at the colony to take to King Awowogei. You can receive one of the following rewards for each time: 50 Blood Runes, 50 Death Runes, a Banana, or a Dragon Scimitar. At the 5th, 10th, and 15th delivery, Awowogei will construct a statute in the colony. Every 5 tasks, the Chimp Ice melts twice as fast making those runs more difficult.