Diamond in the Rough

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Al Kharid Palace
How to Start: Speak to Osman
Length: Short
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: Stolen Hearts
Items Needed: None
Recommendations: Combat items - You'll need to defeat 6 level 2 bandits and 2 level 5 thugs.
Prince Ali has been kidnapped and it's up to you and Ozan to rescue him. Follow a trail through the desert led by a diamond with rather interesting properties to confront Prince Ali's kidnappers.

Fully-Voice Acted

It is highly recommended to have your audio on while doing this quest to fully enjoy it. To turn on your audio, go to the tools tab marked by a hammer and wrench, and click on the audio options button. Move the sliders to the right to increase the sound volumes.

Stealing the Kharid-ib (Round 2)

Start by speaking to Osman in the Al Kharid Palace. He will ask you to grab Ozan and meet him back in the vault. Head just outside the palace by the steps and speak to Ozan. Osman will inform you that the Kharid-ib on display is a fake. Osman will cleverly give you and Ozan all the information needed, without actually telling you to steal the real diamond.
Inspect the Het statute in the middle of the room and you'll grab the heavy weight. Climb the rope back up to the roof. Drop off the eastern side of the roof and shimmy back across the rope. Perform a leap of faith to the south.
Lead Ozan to the south of the palace to Shantay Pass.

The Path of the Sun

Try going through the Shantay Pass in the Kharidian Desert, and you will be stopped by Shantay. After a weird conversation, he will give you some waterskins. Head through the pass. After heading through, speak with Ozan. When you decide to head on, you will crack open the heavy weight and pull out the Kharid-ib.
A sundial will appear next to you with a carving of Het's face on the base. Het is a humanoid desert god, so click the symbol next to the human icon.

A light will shine from the base of the sundial pointing southwest. Head southwest a bit to see the Apmeken sundial. Some desert bandits will appear from the sand, and after another weird conversation, you must fight them. They will drop food and waterskins. After killing the last one, the sundial gnomon will drop on the ground. Pick it up and inspect the sundial. Inspect it again, and choose the monkey icon, as Apmeken is the desert goddess in the form of a monkey.

The sundial will point to the northwest now. Head northwest of the fairy ring, and look for the base of the next sundial sticking out of the ground west of the Kalphite Hive entrance. A cut-scene will play. Good luck getting out of the quick sand!

Kalphite Nursery

You will fall into a small cavern with the third sundial in the middle of the room. The Kharid-ib will fall out of your backpack, and something will take it and scuttle away. While Ozan is sitting around, try the different tunnel entrances. After a few tries, Ozan will realize he's sitting on the sundial gnomon piece. Inspect the Crondis sundial, and select the symbol next to the crocodile icon, as Crondis is the desert goddess in the form of a crocodile.

The sundial will light up the left most tunnel. Enter the cave with Ozan. As you go further in the cave, it will continue to get darker. Enter the tunnel at the very end. After an awkward moment, Ozan will get a torch up to reveal dung kalphites. You need a slashing weapon to be able to cut open the balls of dung. If you need one, pick up the bronze scimitar on the ground next to the skeleton near the cave entrance.
Cut open a couple dung kalphites, then look for one that is sparkling. It will drop a sapphire. Look for another sparkling one, and it will drop an emerald. The third sparkling one will have will have a ruby. Finally, the final one will have the Kharid-ib. By luck, Leela will call down from the newly opened hole in the ground and help you out of the nursery.

Rescuing the Prince

Inspect the final sundial next to Ozan and Leela. Ozan will explain all that has happened. After Leela fixes the sundial, inspect it again and select the scarab, as Scabaras is the desert god in the form of a scarab.

The sundial will point to the southwest. Leela will point out that there is an old temple to Amascut that way. Follow the coast south until you see the temple ruins and Lady Keli. The diamond will try to tell you not to give it to her, but she will force you to anyway. You will find out who Lady Keli really is.
She will cause a sandstorm and send Apep and Heru after you. They will have their own special attacks, so be careful! Apep will knock you back, and Heru will blind you. After killing them both, talk to Prince Ali to free him. Ozan will teleport away, due to not being able to return to Al Kharid without the diamond. You, Leela, and the Prince will return to Al Kharid.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 250 Agility XP, 250XP Combat lamp, 250 Constitution XP, 250 Thieving XP, access to the Kalphite Nursery (and a new weapon and shield), and 2x spins on the Squeal of Fortune
Notes: After the quest you can return to the Kalphite Nursery through where Leela helped you out. You can slash more Dung Kalphite for the chance to recieve Apep's Axe and Heru's Shield.
In the nursery, if you return through the cave entrance, if you have 80 mining you can mine a fissure in the room with the sundial for 20,000 Mining XP and access to the Scabaras tomb containing the Scabaras mask and a Was.