The Death of Chivalry

Author(s): Balista
Contributor(s): None
Members: No
Where to Start: Edgeville Monastery
How to Start: Speak to Sir Owen
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: None
Items Needed: None
Recommendations: Combat Equipment
Sent to Edgeville by Sir Amik Varze, Sir Owen is preparing for a mission with another Temple Knight. Little does he know that his mission is from Saradomin himself. The Kinshra have gotten hold of a weapon of great power and Saradomin needs both you and Sir Owen to stop them.

Starting Off

Speak to Sir Owen at the Edgeville Monastery and he will say "the owl hoots at midnight". Respond with any option. He will continue to explain that he was sent there for a mission. Saradomin will interrupt you. Saradomin will tell you that his enemies have found a powerful weapon. He wants to you stop them from using it. Saradomin will point you to some armour to the south-west of you, which you have no choice but to take. Speak to Saradomin, who will lay out the plan. He says you will impersonate Captain Dulcin and Sir Owen will accompany you as a prisoner. Saradomin will then teleport you to the Black Knights Fortress.

The questioning guards

. Attempt to open the portcullis and talk to the guard. You will notice that your suspicion bar in the upper left will raise to 25. If this reaches 100, you will be kicked out. In order to keep it under 100, you will need to speak the correct lines to multiple people in the fortress. The Guard will ask you what you are doing with the knight. Answer any of the following to avoid getting your suspicion level raised.
  • He is my prisoner.
  • No, I have somthing...special planned for him
  • I am taking my captive to the tallest tower in the fortress
  • My reasons are none of your concern

After finishing the dialogue, speak to Lieutenant York, who will ask you why the prisoner is not under guard. Answer with "Are you suggesting I cannot handle a mere knight of Saradomin"?
Head northwest and speak to the guard. He will ask you what you are doing and he will state that prisoners are not allowed on the upper levels of the fortress. Reply with any of the following.
  • What do you want, maggot?
  • What is it?
  • By whose orders?
  • This prisoner is to be sacrificed.
  • Stand aside, or you will regret it.

Now that you are on the first floor, head south and speak to Hierophant Marius. He will try to give you the mark of Zamorak. Respond with:
  • Yes
  • I shall return after I deal with this Temple Knight

Pray at the altar to the south to reduce your suspicion by 5. then speak to the guard to the southeast. He will again say that prisoners are not allowed on the upper levels.
  • I am bringing him to the tallest tower.
  • We need him to recover the weapon of power, as you know.
  • This one's stubborn. He needs some extra encouragement.

On the next floor, speak to Lieutenant Graves. He will inform you that the operation has been sabotaged. Reply with anything but "Why are you dressed differently from the Black KNights downstairs?". After you reply, he will ask to guard Sir Owen. In response, Sir Owen will incapacitate him. Choose to either kill Graves, or tie him up, then head to the captains quarters.

The Ritual

Search the desk to the northwest and you will find a journal, which is locked.

Head upstairs to the ritual chamber. Search everything in the room to get a letter from Lord Daquarius, three red candles, and chalk. Once you have found all the items, read the Grimoire. Grab the tinderbox in the corner if you do not have one on your toolbelt.
You will now have to complete the ritual. Click "repair the ritual" to be faced with a puzzle that has 4 choices. Choose whatever puzzle appeared when you clicked "read" on the Grimoire. Now, light the candles in any order. You will need to chant a series of words for each lit candle. You must do this in order according to what the Grimoire says. Once you correctly do the chants, a portal will appear. Use the bank chest that is available to prepare for some fights. High combat gear and good food is recommended.

Into the Portal

Once you enter the portal, you will watch a cutscene. Kill the 3 black knights and search their bodies until you get a cage door key. Use the key to unlock the cage to release her. She will explain who she is, and then say that the black knights have found a weapon behind a holy barrier. Choose what you want to do with her (it doesn't matter).

Grab the handwritten message from the crates, then enter the doorway to the east. You will enter a crypt with coffins and piles of bones. Inspect the bones for more information.
Open the portcullis. Head to the center of the room and speak to Fern. She has the job of protecting the wand. In order the get the wand from her, you will need to defeat her in battle. 

Battle for the Wand

When ready, attack Fern, who will attack you with range. Attack her with any combat style, as she has no weakness. After she is dead, one barrier will lift and you will have to solve a matching puzzle. On the floor are 16 tiles, and 8 pairs of items. You need to find the matching tiles without messing up more then 8 times. If you fail, the puzzle will reset.
The last barrier requires that you sacrifice your virtuous blood. After you choose whose blood to sacrifice, you will watch a cutscene. After the cutscene, the barrier will lift, and Dawn will teleport next to the wand and steal it.

Claiming the Wand

Go back to the previous rooms and speak to Dawn. After an explanation, she will curse Sir Owen and raise the black knights from the dead. Kill all 3 of them, then proceed to the main tomb area (past the Portcullis). Talk to Dawn, then attack her. Every time dawn loses enough life points, she will spawn skeletons. You will need to kill these skeletons before you can continue to attack Dawn. They are, however, quite easy to kill. Once you get into the fight a little bit, you will need to avoid the purple clouds.
Once Dawn is defeated, search her body to get the Want of Resurrection, Dawn's key and a skill of Remembrance. Head back to Sir Owen, and you will see Saradomin. Give Saradomin the wand so he can revive Sir Owen. Saradomin will be unworthy of the wand, and Sir Owned will become corrupted. He will want to restore the centaur race using the want, but that will have to wait. He will then teleport you back to the monastery.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Reward Scroll
250 Magic Experience, 500 Strength Experience, 500 Experience combat lamp, 250 Experience Prayer lamp, 4 Knightly titles, Set of Black Knight captain's armour, 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune