Darkness of Hallowvale

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Myreque base camp, Burgh de Rott
How to Start: Speak with Veliaf
Length: Very long
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: In Aid of the Myreque, Level 5 Construction, Level 20 Mining, Level 22 Thieving, Level 26 Agility, Level 32 Crafting, Level 33 Magic, Level 40 Strength
Items Needed: 2 Planks, 4 Nails, Hammer
Recommendations: Vyrewatch Armour or 2k Coins to buy (see notes at bottom of guide for more information), pickaxe
Fighting tooth and nail against the vampyre overlord, Drakan, the Myreque have moved their secret base camp to Burgh de Rott. Now the fight starts in earnest! Veliaf needs someone to make their way into the Sanguinesti region - the eastern side of Morytania cut off from the west behind an impenetrably huge wall.
Will the fight be supported by Myreque resistance inside the vampyres' domain? What grim discoveries are to be found behind that dread wall? And what of the Vyrewatch - deadly sky-bound patrollers of the blood-tithed lands of Meiyerditch?
Only a daring, quick-witted agent with an eye for detail can hope to pick their way through the tumbled down slums of Meiyerditch.


Start by talking to Veliaf in the Myreque's new hide out in Burgh de Rott, under the tavern. He'll explain the next phase of their plan. Ask him how you can help, and he'll ask you to try to find a way into the Sanguinesti Region, and contact any remaining Myreque members there.

Head to the small boat shack slightly south-east of Burgh de Rott. Use your plank on it to fix the side. Now, use your other plank on the broken part of the boat chute.

Video Guide

The below video shows riding the boat and getting into Meiyerditch.

Right-click "Push" the boat down the chute. Run around onto the docks, and ride the boat to the edge of the wall. Jump onto the wall, then climb up it. Run along it a little ways until it starts heading straight north. Look around for a row of boards you can search, and right-click "Kick".
It will fall down; right-click "Climb down". Go slightly north until you see some debris you can climb over.

If you're buying Vyrewatch armour, do it now. Traven Sven is located in the "L" shaped house north-east from the area of the wall you climbed over; it has a ladder in it.
Speak to any Meiyerditch citizen, and whispering, ask about the Myreque. Then whisper saying that you really need to meet them. They'll direct you to Old Man Ral. Tell him someone said he could help, then tell him that people call him the Sage of Sanguinesti.
He'll tell you to follow the symbols.

A Path of Sickles

A Note about Vyrewatch

You may occasionally be stopped by Vyrewatch once you're in Meiyerditch. You can initially choose to Let them take the tithe, try to distract them and run away, or attack. If you choose to attack, you won't be able to damage them, and it's recommended to just run away.
After meeting the Sanguinesti Myreque for the first time, the Attack option will be replaced with the option to be sent to the mines, where you must mine 15 Daeyalt ore, put them in the cart, then speak to the Juvinate guards to be released.

Through this next section, you will need to follow the symbol seen on the left, to know where to go next in this large maze-like area.


The below video shows you the way through the Sanguinesti Region, and to the Myreque hideout.

  1. From Old Man Ral, go west, and into the building with the sickle next to the door (building directly west of Trader Sven)
  2. Climb up the ladder
  3. "Jump to" floor-boards to the south, then east
  4. Knock down the north-east section of the wall, and walk across
  5. Crawl under the north wall
  6. Knock down the wall on the west side, and walk across
  7. Climb down the ladder
  8. Search the north-west table to find a trapdoor, climb into it
  9. Climb up the shelf on the north wall
  10. Crawl under the north-east wall section
  11. Jump across to the east
  12. Climb down the ladder
  13. Search the pots near the door, and go through
  14. Climb up the next ladder
  15. Jump to the floorboards on the south
  16. Go east outside the building walls, and climb up the shelf
  17. Climb up the ladder
  18. Jump to the floorboards to the south
  19. Climb down the ladder
  20. Walk across the washing line to the east
  21. Climb down the ladder
  22. Knock down the north wall and walk across
  23. Climb up the shelf slightly north
  24. Climb down the shelf to the north-east
  25. Jump to the floorboards north/north-east
  26. Jump to the floorboards north
  27. Jump to the floorboards to the north-east
  28. Climb up the ladder, grab the Ladder piece off the wall
  29. Climb back down the ladder, use the ladder piece on the broken ladder. Climb down the ladder
  30. Go outside, to the building with the ladder to the north-west
  31. Climb up the stairs, grab the knife off the table to the south, climb back down the ladder, and exit through the west door
  32. Go to the sickle symbol to the north slightly, then go east
  33. Go through into the first building to the south, and climb up the ladder
  34. Jump across the floorboards to the east
  35. Climb down the stairs
  36. Use the knife on the door in the south-east corner, then push on the door
  37. Press the sickle on the wall on the north, open the trapdoor, and climb down

Sanguinesti Myreque

Once inside, head to the far north side.
Speak to Vertida Sefalatis. Tell him you were asked to make contact with the Myreque there. He will give you a message to give to Veliaf. Now return to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott. You can choose to back-track through the grotto, doing the steps in the previous steps backwards, though it is recommended to teleport out and go from there.
Tell Veliaf that you have a message from Vertida. He will tell you that the vampyres are getting fresh humans from somewhere, and that there's some disturbing news coming from Paterdomus. Ask him what he'd like you to do, he'll tell you to go speak to Drezel, figure out what's going on there, then go to King Roald in Varrock.
You can now do Temple Trekking Activity, taking a villager from Burgh de Rott to the Temple on the Salve. This isn't required to get to Paterdomus, but it is an alternative to getting there. If you wish to go there with that method, speak to one of the villagers near the gate entrance that is wearing Blue (easy), Yellow (medium), or Red (hard).


Once at Paterdomus, speak to Drezel. After some joking around, he'll ask you to search around the Temple grounds. Head out west of the temple, down the stairs, and search the nearby bushes on the south side.

You will see someone unconscious lying in the bushes, then you will be attacked from behind. Return to Drezel. He'll tell you to go to the King immediately. He'll give you runes to teleport to Varrock.
Go into the castle, and talk to the King about Morytania. He will start to say that they will assist, but Aeonisig Rapispher will intterupt. He will use the excuse of the Guthixian edicts, and that overthrowing Drakan may result in inbalance.
Roald can't do anything further for the time being, but he will enact a "mercenary protocol" that will allow able-bodied people to fight in defence of Misthalin. Ask the King what you should do now, and he will eventually have Aeonisig teleport you to Paterdomus.
Speak to Drezel, then ask him what you should do next. Return to Veliaf, and tell him of the attack and what Roald said, then ask him what you should do next. He'll ask you to relay the news to the head of the Sanguinesti Myreque.

The return to Sanguinesti

Return to Meiyerditch, you can either go through the Maze again, or a quicker method of getting back is to get noticed by a Vyrewatch. Take off your Vyrewatch armour if you're wearing it, and just wait around the first area for a vyrewatch to stop you.
Have them send you to the mines. Mine 15 Daeyalt ore from the glowing blue spots in the wall. It can be pretty slow, so hopefully you brought your best pickaxe. If you didn't bring a pickaxe, speak to one of the miners and ask for a spare pick to get a bronze pickaxe.
After mining the ore, put it in the mine cart and speak to one of the Juvinate guards. Go south between the buildings, through a building with two doors, and up the ladder like before, and jump across, climb down, push the door, and press the decorated wall.


Before speaking with Vertida, search the crate on the south side of the room he is in to get some extra papyrus.
Speak with Vertida again, and tell him the news. Ask him what you should do now. He'll offer to take you back to the start of the maze.


The below video shows how to get from where Vertida offers to take you to where Safalaan is.

Climb down the ladder, go through the door, and climb back up onto the wall like if you were to head to the boat. But, instead of going down to the boat, head north.
Climb down the ladder, and look for a rocky wall on the east wall, then open the barrier. Continue following the path north, climb up back onto the wall, and follow it all the way north until you see Safalaan.
Tell him of the King's news, and of the attack. Ask if you can help while he returns to the base. He'll ask you to sketch the castle from all sides, starting with the north side, west, then the south.
He will give you some Charcoal and Papyrus. Follow the wall west. On the north side, look for a sickle symbol on the ground. It is only visible at some angles. Stand on it, and use the charcoal on the papyrus to get a sketch.
Head back to the west side of the wall, and look for the sickle logo. You will then see a cutscene of Vanstrom with some Drakans. They will all turn into their Vampyre form and fly away.
Now look for the sickle on the south wall, near where Safalaan was. As you sketch it, Vanstrom will see you and attack. You will have to withstand his attacks, so protect from Melee is recommended, or some food.
As he is about to kill you, he will be interrupted by a human, Sarius Guille. She tells you to give a message to Safalaan.
The message you will find secreted behind tiles where smoke is carried away from the depiction of statuesque evil.
She will go away, then remember to sketch the last side of the castle. Now, either return through the sickle maze or wait to be stopped by Vyrewatch and sent to the mines.

Hidden Lab

Either way, return to the building where you got the knife earlier. Search the fire place on the north side of the building, then use your knife on it to get a message.
Now, look at the portrait on the south wall, opposite the fireplace. Use you knife on it to, then search it to get a key. Return back to the Sanguinesti Myreque base. Speak to Safalaan.
Give him the sketches, then tell him about the message. Exit the base, head north from the ladder through the building, and go to the largest building in the north-east side of Meiyerditch.
Slash the taspestry on the north wall, then walk through it. Use the large ornate key on the statute. The door will now unlock; climb down the stairs. Directly west, search the broken rune case for some runes. Tele-grab the Haemalchemy book on the table on the west side of the room. Return to the Sanguinest Myreque.
Talk to Safalaan and give him the book. He'll then tell you to return to Veliaf with a message. He will give you a key that gives you a few shortcuts through Meiyerditch.

Finishing Up

It is again recommended to teleport out rather than backtrack through the maze.
Return to Veliaf and give him the message from Safalaan.
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, 7000 Agility exp, 2000 Construction exp, 6000 Thieving exp, Tome of Experience giving 2000 experience in any 3 skills over level 30, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: Vyrewatch armour can be bought from Traven Sven's Black Market Goods in Meiyerditch. While wearing Vyrewatch armour, you are less likely to be stopped by Vyrewatch.