Cook's Assistant

Author(s): Schmidty102
Contributor(s): anthony, DarknessFalls
Members: No
Where to Start: Lumbridge Castle
How to Start: Speak to the Cook
Length: Short
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: None
Items Needed: Bucket and a Pot (Can both be obtained in the quest)
Recommendations: None

The Lumbridge Castle cook is in a mess. It is the Duke of Lumbridge's birthday and the cook is making the cake.

He needs a lot of ingredients and doesn't have much time.

The Cook's Dilemma

The cook is in a bind; it's the Duke's birthday and he hasn't baked a cake yet! He needs your help to retrieve all the ingredients for the birthday cake. Will you help a cook in distress?

The cook needs you to retrieve a bucket of top-quality milk, a pot of extra fine flour, and a super large egg.

Retrieving the Ingredients

While you are by the cook grab the pot which sits on the table in his kitchen; you can use this later on.

Top-quality Milk

To retrieve a bucket of top-quality milk you must milk a Prized dairy cow. The cow is located east-north-east of the cow pen entrance.

A Super Large Egg

After getting the milk head west across the bridge and then head northwest. You will reach Fred the Farmer's house. While in the chicken coup look in the southeast corner and pick up the super large egg.

Extra-fine flour

The flour mill is located in northern Lumbridge. The wheat is located just outside the entrance. Simply pick a grain of wheat and head inside the mill. Millie Miller is located inside; Tell her you are looking for extra fine flour. She will ask what the problem is with regular flour. Tell her the cake is for Duke Horacio. She says she will re-align the millstones to produce extra fine flour.

1. Head to the top floor (up two ladders)

2. Place the grain in the hopper

3. Pull the hopper lever

4. Climb down to the bottom floor and collect your freshly grounded flour in a pot.

Completing the Quest

Take all the items that you have now retrieved: a pot of extra-fine flour, a super large egg, and a bucket of top-quality milk; and take it to the cook. After a few remarks from the Cook...

Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 300 Cooking Xp, 500 coins, 20 Sardines, and the Ability to use the Lumbridge Castle Range, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.