The Chosen Commander

Author(s): Josh 302
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Dorgesh-Kaan
How to Start: Speak to Captain Undak
Length: Long
Difficulty: Experienced
Requirements: Land of the Goblins, Level 46 Agility, Level 46 Strength, Level 46 Thieving, must be able to defeat a level 75 enemy several times, a level 125 enemy, and a level 50 enemy with melee or magic
Items Needed: Light source + tinderbox (Seers' Headband will work), 25,000gp if you don't like puzzles, a full set of H.A.M robes (obtained during the quest)
Recommendations: Ardougne teleport (if you have completed Plague City), Lumbridge teleport, equipment to fight a level 125, 43+ prayer for Protect from Melee, food (monkfish or better) and appropriate armour
Zanik is missing, her fate unknown. Captain Undak, leader of the Dorgeshuun Guard, believes that a new H.A.M. plot is in progress, and the only person he can call on for help is the human adventurer who has saved the city before.
But there are more forces at play than Captain Undak realises. Goblin prophecy will be fulfilled, the destiny of the Chosen Commander will be revealed, and Dorgesh-Kaan will face its darkest hour.

H.A.M Sandwiches

Speak with Captain Undak and ask if you can do anything for him. He tells you about the Dorgesh-Kaan nursery and how some of the children have fallen ill. Agree to investigate, and he will tell you the location of the nursery, up the stairs nearby.

Go inside the nursery complex and speak with Mernik. She sends you to Torzek, her assistant. Captain Undak tells her that he believes the sick children were poisoned, and Torzek panics. Tell her to calm down, then ask her if the children have eaten anything unusual. She will tell you that they all had two different kinds of food from the market, and Captain Undak suggests you question the kids to figure out which foods the sick children ate that the healthy ones did not.

Finding the Culprit

There are six foods that the various children could have eaten.

Frogspawn Gumbo

Green Gloop Soup (Cave Slime soup from the vendors)


Crispy Frogs' Legs

Bat Shish

Wall-Beast Fingers

Your goal is to determine which two foods that all the sick children ate that none of the healthy children did. When you have worked it out, speak with Captain Undak, who suggests you speak with the vendors of those specific foods. The vendors will tell you the names of the two merchants who they bought spices from, and one of those two names will be the same.
Find the guilty merchant and accuse them of poisoning the children. Note that if you pick the wrong merchant, you will be charged a fine of 5000gp. A quick way to finish this part is to bring 25,000gp and accuse each merchant until you find the correct one.

NOTE: The guilty merchant will be different for each player

Zanik's Tale

When you find and accuse the culprit, he or she will becomes a level 50 H.A.M Agent. He hits you with a mysterious blinding light and accuses you of being a traitor to Saradomin. After saying anything you want to say to the agent, attack them. After they reach about half their health, they will protect themselves from whatever form of combat you are using to fight them, and a mysterious portal appears behind the agent.

Zanik jumps out of the portal, and the H.A.M agent switches to ranged protection, which means you must use magic or melee to finish him off. Captain Undak will stop you from killing him and place him under arrest. Zanik will ask how long she has been gone (feel free to have some fun with this answer) and then ask if you want to know what happened while she was gone. If you agree to hear her story, you will take control of her while she narrates. Note: If you choose not to hear her story, skip to Rash Decisions.

Zanik awoke in a strange room, though she could tell that it was still Yu'biusk. Take her down the path formed by statues and climb on the Goblin statue. From there, jump to the Ork statue, and follow the statues until you reach the large bowl of water being held by the Ourg.

Zanik sees her house in what turns out to be a scrying pool, and tries to call out to those she sees. Andil, a young red-headed goblin, responds.

Continue jumping to statues until you reach the ledge where Zanik's crossbow sits. Use it to grapple from the Ourg statue with a spear onto the throne and take the pendant sitting there. She will put it on, commenting on the power she could feel eminating from it. The statue holding the scrying bowl will bow down, and Zanik will jump down from the throne. Look into the scrying pool again, and she will see you confronting the H.A.M Agent.
Run to the back of the room where the stone statues are gathered, and they will all move to form a path to the portal at the back of the room.

Rash Decisions

Travel to the northmost part of the market and head up the stairs to reach the council chamber. The council is surprised at Zanik's return, but she wants to deal with the H.A.M agent first. The council is in favour of handing the agent over to the Misthalin authorities, but Zanik demands execution, which is illegal according to Dorgeshuun law.

Zanik storms out in fury at the council's decision, and you and Captain Undak leave to escort the agent to the surface. However, Zanik kills the agent before you get very far.

Captain Undak asks you to search for her, believing her to be in the caves to the south of the city. Travel south and up two flights of stairs to reach the Dorgesh-Kaan agility course. Climb down the ladder nearby and head directly south past the pylon and the blocked entrance to the Kalphite Lair, where you will find Zanik sitting with her arms folded.
Zanik will let out all her frustrations with the council and with H.A.M, as well as regret her actions, if you simply choose to [Say Nothing]. Coax her into coming back to meet with the council (any conversation will result in this).
The council will banish Zanik from Dorgesh-Kaan. Speak with Zanik one final time and she will use a Moving-over-distance sphere to leave. Speak with Captain Undak who will offer you another task. He asks you to infiltrate the H.A.M headquarters and find out whether it was an organized attempt by H.A.M or an individual. He will give you a full set of H.A.M robes if you have 7 free inventory slots.

Spy Games

Go to the H.A.M headquarters and Johanhus Ulsbrecht, leader of H.A.M, about their plans for the cave goblins. He tells you that Sigmund is responsible for attacks on the goblins. He will tell you that Sigmund's base is located at the windmill north of Ardougne, and to tell Milton the Miller the secret password 'Arrav.'

Travel to the windmill north of Ardougne (a teleport or teletab works great here) and take off ALL of your H.A.M gear (even your gloves or logo). Speak with Milton the Miller and tell him the password.
When you get inside the base, do NOT speak with Sigmund, or you will be thrown out of the camp. Steal from H.A.M member Sam to get a letter that gives you permission to interrogate any captured suspects. Go into the east room and show him Sam's letter, and he will let you in to the prisoner's chamber.
Take the key on the ground nearby and open the prison cell. The goblin prisoner turns out to be Grubfoot, who was travelling to Dorgesh-Kaan to see Zanik. To break him free, you need to sneak him past the guards.

First, get inside the middle room and unlock both of the locked doors. Then tell Grubfoot you will distract the guards, and speak to the guard just outside the door so he is facing away from it.

When Grubfoot gets inside, tell him to wait at the west door so you can distract the guard. Crawl through the hole and take from the pile of dirty plates. The guard will come inside and Grubfoot will sneak into the northwest room. Have Grubfoot follow you through the boxes of crates and the room will shake and a bell with ring. Grubfoot will Snare the guard so that you can get out of there. Head through the large wooden doors up the ramp.

Zanik is leading a team of goblins to kill all of the H.A.M members, encased in some kind of clear shroud. She sees you and tells you to stop Sigmund, who attempts to escape. Zanik runs to aid you, and Sigmund switches his protection prayer to Ranged. After you've defeated him, he attempts to escape using a Ring of Life, but Zanik cuts off Sigmund's hand.

The Real Enemy

A Test of Friendship

Regardless of what you say to Zanik, she kills Sigmund and attacks you next. You must defeat her several times and snap her out of her possessed state by saying the following things after draining her life points:

"I won't kill you, Zanik."

"Zanik! What's happened to you?"

"Does our friendship mean nothing to you?" "But am I *your* enemy?"

"Zanik, you're being controlled. Fight it!"

"Zanik, it's the pendant. Take it off!" "Zanik, I believe in you."

Zanik will remove the pendant and throw it. The Goblin High Priest will appear and pick it up, and Bandos will possess him. Zanik will teleport the two of you to an unknown cave as the H.A.M base collapses. Head towards the west exit and you and Zanik will be separated by a rockslide.
Call to her by clicking the fallen rocks, then clear a path to her. You must now direct her to grapple to a jutting rock near you by telling her to direct her grapple left or right. Eventually she will get up, and you can leave the cave through the exit to the west.

Figuring Things Out

You find yourself in the Tears of Guthix cave. Head north and Juna will speak with Zanik about her destiny, to serve as Bandos' Chosen Commander. Zanik rejects it, and Juna warns that the powers that brought her back from the dead will not do so again if she refuses her destiny.
Travel back to Dorgesh-Kaan with Zanik, and a guard will tell you Captain Undak is looking for you. He is near a large, alien-looking pillar.

Captain Undak tells you a goblin in strange armor came through a portal in the city and sends you to the council chamber to aid the council. The council scribe translates the message:

The council is in a panic when Zanik tells them what they're up against, and what they have to do.
"Perhaps you're right. Perhaps we can't win. But we can fight."

Preparing for Battle

Zanik asks you to speak to the Goblin scribe to see if you can help him in any way. The scribe asks you to retrieve Dorgeshuun artifacts from Tegdak the archaeologist. Tegdak is located just east of the quest start point in the market square. He will give you a box of artefacts to take to the scribe. Return to the scribe, who will seal the box along with his letter, and tell you to take it to Mistag in the north mine. Simply exit out the bone door and speak with Mistag. He will take the time capsule and direct you to Oldak.
Oldak's lab is located in the northwest corner of Dorgesh-Kaan. Speak with Oldak, who is arguing about the magic Grubfoot is capable of doing. Oldak tells you that he thinks he can disrupt Bandos' regeneration by combining Grubfoot's magic with his technology. He tells you he needs a few things which you can get from Turgall. Head south to the Agility course, then east to the power station. Torgall will give you a pair of energy projectors and a focusing chamber for Oldak.
Give Oldak the parts and he will attach them to Zanik's crossbow. Speak with Zanik and give her the modified crossbow, and she will send you to Mernik at the nursery. Return to the nursery and Mernik will ask you to speak to Ambassador Alvijar about taking the children as refugees. Alvijar can be found in the building north of the nursery. Speak with him and he will refuse to take even a single refugee. Speak with Mernik again, and she will tell you that Zanik is ready to go through the portal.

Meddling in the Affairs of the Gods

Speak with Zanik when you are ready to enter the portal and confront the Bandos Avatar. After a brief conversation, the Bandos Avatar will attack. When you first defeat him, you have a chance to discover Bandos' plans for Gielinor. It will end when you tell Zanik to use her crossbow's special attack. It fails, and her crossbow breaks into pieces. The Bandos Avatar will bring several of the statues to life to attack. Gather all the pieces to Zanik's crossbow, and Zanik will be felled by the Bandos Avatar. After draining its life points one last time, use Zanik's crossbow special attack on the Avatar (this shows up as a speech option).

When the Avatar is destroyed, pick up the pendant and talk to Zanik. Zanik will get up even if you choose to say nothing. Give her the pendant, and she will smash it. Exit through the portal.

You will speak with Zanik and Oldak for a moment, and Zanik will give you her crossbow. Captain Undak appears and requests your audience.

A statue has been erected and Ur-tag gives a speech about the goblin people, its history of fear, and your part in bridging their world and the surface world back together.
Reward Scroll
3 Quest Points, 20,000 experience in Agility, Strength, and Thieving, Zanik's crossbow, ability to buy teleport spheres to the Bandos Throne Room, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
About Zanik's crossbow:
Zanik's crossbow has a special attack, Defiance, that uses 50% of the special bar. It deals up to 150 extra damage against players using prayers or equipment marked by the gods. Against regular enemies it can deal 30 to 150 extra damage.