Carnillean Rising

Author(s): Balista
Contributor(s): ryfos
Members: Yes
Where to Start: East Ardougne
How to Start: Talk to Xenia outside the Carnillean Mansion in the south-west of East Ardougne.
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: 33 Thieving, 31 Construction, 50 Quest points, Hazeel Cult, The Blood Pact
Items Needed: None
Recommendations: It is recommended that you clear your inventory. Food is advisable towards the end of the quest.
Philipe - son of Sir Ceril - is somewhat of a brat. And by somewhat, Sir Ceril means quite a lot. Xenia doesn't want the job, so you'll have to do it. Teach Philipe the ways of being an adventurer in this create-your-own-quest quest.

Starting out

Speak to Xenia outside the carnillean mansion to start the quest. The Carnillean Mansion is just south of the Ardougne Castle. She will then tell you to speak to Ceril. She will proceed to tell you that she was picked to do the task, but refused. Go to Ceril, who is on the ground floor, and ask about the job.

Training the son

Ceril will tell you that Henryeta and and he are growing old, and that they need their son, Philip to be their heir. You will be requested to create a quest for Philipe to complete. He will hand you a list that has a number of tasks to complete. Ask where you can get the stuff from, otherwise you cannot complete the quest. Speak to Butler Crichton, who will tell you to search the bookcase for a book about Carnillean family. The bookcase is located next to Henryete Carnillean.

Down to the Caves

Go down to the basement and into the cave near the ladder. You will then see a cutscene with Butler Crichton telling you what to do. You will see a cave with various things that need to be done.

Building up the caves

Head to the top floor of the mansion, then take the following from the master bedroom.
  • Two Dragon heads off the wall

  • Net curtains from the north-east wall

  • Take the sword and armour from the wardrobe

  • Henryeta’s Necklace, on the dresser

Head to Philips room and take the red paint from the painting set. Then speak to Sarsaparilla about her ambitions, then tell her you are setting up a play and you want her to play the damsel in distress. After you complete the conversation, search the wardrobe upstairs in her room to get the dress.
Go down to the cellar and speak to Claus about being the drunk jailor, then grab the following


  • 30 rusty spikes from the barrel of junk
  • 7 buckets of water (optional)
  • 9 wooden boards, twine, shears and a jug of wine from the cupboard
  • The spider on the floor
Head down into the cave, and begin building on the hotspots. Task #1: Creep through ancient cobwebs into a sinister cave.
  • Use the spider and netting on the entrance to the cellar
Task #2: Perform a death-defying stunt to get past some obstacles.
  • Use seven buckets of water on the pit
Task #3: Sneak past some patrolling guards
  • Talk to the two goblins. Nostrillia will only help you if you give her human armour. Give them the armour you took from the wardrobe, then ask them to play the guards. Build them on the hotspot.
Task #4: Disable some fiendish traps
  • Build tripwires using twine on the nearby hotspots after setting up the goblins as the guards.
Task #5: Disguise as a humble aid to get a jail guard drunk
  • If you have not already spoke to Claus in the Cellar, do so now and ask for his help. Tell hi to be the drunken jailer but he will only agree if he gets to drink Cerilís fortified wine. If you do not have it, it is on the table next to Claus. Lead Claus next to the bridge and build him on the jailer spot.
Task #6: Slay some guardian dragons
  • Enter the cave to the southeast to find two wolves. Grab the mouse to have the wolves follow you. Be careful to not get to far away from them. Lead them to the dragon hotspot and build it. Use a dragon head on each position to finish this task.
Task #7: Untie a damsel in distress
  • If you have not already, speak to Sarsaparilla and ask her to help you. After she refuses, ask if she plans on staying there all day. She will tell you she always wanted to play an actress. Tell her you are making a play, and invite her to play a role. She will play a damsel in distress. Build her on the Damsel in Distress hotspot, then use the twine on her to tie her up.
Task #8: Return home loaded with riches
  • You must now choose Philipeís reward for completing his quest. If you have Henryetaís Necklace, use it on Sarsaparilla. If you have Sir Cerilís Money Pouch, use it on Claus.
Task #9: Donít forget to make the cave look good.
  • Place either blood stains, scary eyes, or impaled skulls on the three decoration hotspots. They are located after the pit at the end of the hall, on the northwest wall before the goblins, and on the northeast wall after the tripwire.

Philipe's Quest

After you have finished, speak to Philipe and offer the quest. He will say that he overheard his parents and knows about the quest. Pickpocket him to get a back of sweets. Offer the quest again, and choose the bag of sweets as a reward. After the dragons are killed, the Cave Wolf Matriarch will appear. You will distract the matriarch so Philipe can kill it. To distract it, attack it once. To dodge his attack, run around the room constantly. His attacks will lessen the lower your health is.
Once the wolf is defeated, a cutscene will be shown showing Philipe rescuing Sarsaparilla. After the cutscene is complte, you will be back on the main floor. Speak to Ceril about the quest, then speak to Senia, who teleported back to the mansion. She will tell you that she planned the entire attack. Speak to Ceril once more to complete the quest.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 2500 Thieving XP, 2500 Construction XP, AN item worth 5,000 coins, Two 1.5k XP lamps, Bag of sweets, Construction supplies, Treasure chest, 2 extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune