Buyers and Cellars

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Where to Start: In the cellar of the house just north of the Lumbridge furnace. It can be accessed through the trapdoor just outside of the house, next to the north wall.
How to Start: Speak to Darren Lightfinger
Length: Short
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: None
Items Needed: Logs (any type)
Recommendations: Higher level thieving is an advantage.

While some find their fortunes in forsaken lands battling dangerous monsters, the opportunistic adventurer knows that there is wealth to be had all around: in guarded vaults, trapped safes and the fattened purses of the rich and careless.

With naught but a capacious cellar, an extensive vocabulary and a dash of derring-do, rakish confidence trickster Darren Lightfinger hopes to establish an official Lumbridge Thieves' Guild where all proponents of his time-honoured profession may pursue their various business interests.

Darren has sent out feelers for assistance, promising rich rewards to the person who helps him bring his plan to fruition. It's never wise to trust a con-man, but this is too good an opportunity for a resourceful rogue to pass up.

Starting Out

Speak to Darren in the Thieving Guild Cellar, just north of the Lumbridge Furnace.

Darren asks you to pickpocket the dummy to show your skills. After you pickpocket the dummy, Darren tells you that the Thieving Guild is short on funds and it needs to expand. He will tell you about a golden chalice stored in the Lumbridge bank vault. He will send you to Robin, at the Lumbridge castle, to give you more information.

Speak to Robin on the south side of the Lumbridge castle. He will tell you that the owner of the Chalice, a wild-haired old man with a bad temper, has taken it from the Lumbridge bank.

Retrieving the Chalice

Head south to Father Urhney from The Restless Ghost Quest in the Lumbridge swamp. You'll find that you can't distract him enough to get the key from him. Head back and talk to Robin.

Robin suggests that you light a fire outside of his window as a distraction. Head back down to the swamp with some logs and a tinderbox, and light a fire outside of Father Urhney's window. Head into his house, ask him about the chalice, and say "Fire! Fire!". This will distract him enough that you can now pickpocket him and get the key.

Use the key on the Chalice display case to take the Chalice, and head back to Darren in the cellar.

Quest Complete!

Reward Scroll
500 Thieving XP (Thieves' Guild Literature x3); Access to Pickpocketing Dummies (up to level 8); Expanded Thieves' Guild, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: After completion of the quest and the unlocking the Thieves' Guild, you will have Capers available to you. These capers are also called "mini-quests" or "sub-quests".

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