Branches of Darkmeyer

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): qb1
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Beneath the Burgh de Rott pub
How to Start: Speak to Veliaf Hurtz
Length: Long
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: Legacy of Seergaze, Legends' Quest, Level 76 Woodcutting, Level 70 Fletching, Level 70 Magic, Level 67 Slayer, Level 64 Crafting, Level 63 Agility, Level 63 Farming
Items Needed: Hatchet
Recommendations: Ability to defeat a level 332 enemy
Times have always been dark for the Myreque, but news is circulating that could plunge them into utter blackness. Vanstrom has been put in charge of wiping out the Myreque, and he has already been making himself busy: supply lines have ben cut, villagers killed, and Vanstrom himself has been seen on the outskirts of Burgh de Rott.
While the Myreque are resolute, they are not strong, and they need your help once again. Investigate Vanstrom's presence near Burgh de Rott and send a message to the vampyres that humans will not simply accept slavery without a fight.


Well met! To start, talk to Veliaf in the Burgh de Rott pub, and he will catch you up on news. Vanstrom Klause has been given the order to destroy the Myreque, citizens are being snatched up, and supply lines are cut off.
Ask what you can do to help. He will explain Cornelius, the banker, saw a figure unearthing something south of the bank. Head to the tunnel entrance south of the bank to enter a vampyric room. Pick up the nearby unusual letter, directed to Safalaan.
Head to the east side of the room and read both pages of the decaying tomb. Search the tomb to the west now. You be dealt 10 life points, and will obtain a mysterious medallion. This will allow you to teleport to the Myreditch Laboratories and Burgh de Rott. It has 10 charges and can be recharged by dipping it into the pool of blood on the wall in the room.

The Meeting

Return to Veliaf and tell him about both items. He will explain the medallion is the mark of Drakan. He will expect the letter is planted by Vanstrom, but suggests you take it to Safalaan anyway. Veliaf will offer to teleport you to him.
Tell Safalaan about the letter. Then, he'll ask to see the medallion, and he'll charge it to allow you to teleport to Meiyerditch. Talk to him about the letter, and he will explain he has no memory of his past. But, he cannot ignore the letter and asks you to take his place in going.
Head out of the base, up the stairs, and across into the next building climb down the stiars . Go west from there, until you reach the barricade. Then, go south and head to the upstairs of the building with the fireplace and portrait.
You will be interrupted by a couple vyrewatch. Jump the wall on the west side of the building to get to the building next door, and go back to the ground floor.
Head out around the building, and head in between the building to the north. Look for Vertida in the building. Climb up the wall where the sickle is and speak to Mekritus. Stand lookout where the sickle is to determine if the coast is clear.
Vertida and Mekritus will be ready to flank, and a little girl will walk out. Jump down the floorboards and speak to Nessie. She will then transform into Vanescula Drakan - Lord Drakan's sister!
Try to attack her and she will knock you back and teleport the other two away. She will want to help you overthrow Drakan. Listen to what she has to say and go through all options. She will end up giving you a letter. With the medallion, teleport to Meiyerditch.


Speak to Safalaan again, and you will give him the letter. Speak to Vertida next, and ask how to get into Darkmeyer. He will tell you of a drainage gate along the uppermost wall in eastern Meiyerditch. Head towards the entrance, and in the southwestern corner, search the crate to get 30 smoke bombs. Throw these on the floor in Darkmeyer to shroud yourself in smoke and remain hidden for a short period of time.
Head out of the Myreque base,up the stairs, and across into the next building. Leave this building and run through the building directly to the north. Head to the far north, near the entrance to the mines. Look for the sewage pipe and squeeze through.
Speak to Vanescula nearby. Your first goal is to find a disguise in the lowest tier of Darkmeyer. Run from building to building, avoiding the vyrewatch and juvinates. Use the smoke bombs to cover yourself in smoke, allowing you to run past the vyres.
In each of the buildings, search the chests there to find pieces of clothing. You will have to collect four pieces and fix them so that you can wear them. Once you're wearing all three items, you can move around without needing smoke bombs. Return to Vanescula.

Middle Tier

She will put her blood mark on you, covering your human scent. Your status gain will be shown in the blood vial when you are disguised. When the vial is half full, you will be able to enter the upper tier. Look for the various Vyrewatch around town.

Sanguinus Varnis

He will ask you to look for posters and vandalize them. There are four around this tier. Return to him when done.

Valentina Kaust

Talk to her, and she will give you a bottle of blood to drink. When drunk, you will be dealt a large amount of damage!

Grigan Kaninus

He will ask for help collecting Vanstrom's Bloodveld Younglings. The above map shows possible locations. They may or may not be there. They've been known to disappear for long periods of time. Keep checking around the places marked on the map. They can move a bit aways from the marks.

Vyrewatch Guard

Talk to the guard, then talk to Maria Gadderanks in the cell. Taunt her, then do so several more times. Finally, use the "Angry" emote at her.

Upper Tier

Sentinel Noctantine

Talk to the Sentinel and give him your opinion of Vanstrom.

Misdrievus Vakan

He will ask you to humiliate the nearby Blood Tither. Look for the human in white robes. Approach and punch him. Then, enter the building near Misdrievus. A cut-scene will occur.

Sentinel Plaguemanst

Talk to him and he will ask your opinion of Drakan.

Vanescula Drakan

Talk to her, and she will say that you must pledge yourself to the Drakan family. A cut-scene will show the ceremony.

Vyrewatch Guard

Talk to one of the guards and tell them you're in for some fun. You'll gain two status for every citizen killed. After a few kills, you will get a message saying you've gained enough status to enter the Arboretum.


Try entering the Arboretum near the bank, and you will be stopped by Ranis Drakan, Vanescula's brother. Pledge loyalty to him as well. You can now enter. Check the health on the tree to find out that it needs energy in the order of Water, light, then nutrition.
Pull the lever at the east side of the room. You will have to arrange the orbs by clicking on them in the order of blue, yellow, and green. It must repeat that pattern from top to bottom.

Once they are in order, pull the lever. Check the health again to find out it needs energy in the sequence of nutrition, water, light, and nutrition again. Pull the lever and get started again. Once in the correct order, pull the lever once more.

Check the health of the tree. It will tell you:
No water energy may touch another water energy horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. No nutrition energy may touch another nutrition energy horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Water and nutrition may touch each other, and light may touch anything.
Pull the lever again and make sure the rules are followed. Below is one possible answer.

Once the criteria is met, pull the lever and check the health again. This time: No light energy may touch a water energy horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Light may touch another light, water may touch another water, and nutrition may touch anything.
Pull the lever once more, making sure the criteria is met. Below is a possible answer.

The tree will now be healthy! Try to leave, and Ranis will walk in on you. Vanescula will then come in and confront her brother.


Speak to Vanescula. After the conversation, she will take your medallion and charge it. It will now take you to Barrows and Darkmeyer. She will teleport you out of Darkmeyer. Use your medallion and return to the Meiyerditch hideout.
Talk to Vertida or Kael. They will tell you that Safalaan disappeared. They will call a meeting, and you will explain your findings. They will ask you to deal with Vanstrom yourself. Speak to Vertida after the meeting.
He will recommend using the blisterwood logs to create weapons for each attack style: melee, ranged, and magic. He will tell you to get two silver sickles from Kael to add to the melee weapon. He will also give you a bottle of holy water to use on Vanstrom when he is weakened.
Speak to Kael and get the sickles. Teleport back to Darkmeyer. With a knife, fletch the three different weapons. It is recommended to use melee for the upcoming fight though.


Note: You must have your Darkmeyer outfit on the entire time, until you enter Vanstrom's house.
Enter his house and you will be attacked by Harold, his pet bloodveld. After it's dead, enter through the next doors into the room with Vanstrom. He will attack you with ranged-based magic attacks and melee. Protection prayers will help lessen damage. Brews or
He will be in his human form first. After taking some damage, he will transform into his vampyric form. He will now have some special attacks.
He will move to the center of the room and tells you to stare into the darkness. Run away towards a wall, facing it. You will take less damage. The screen will darken for a second, and you will be dealt damage, sometimes over 600.
He will move you to the middle and spawn a blood pool under you. Instantly run away or you will be dealt damage.
He will move to the center of the room and summon two smaller leech bloodvelds. Hit/kill them before they reach him, or he will be healed some.
He will take flight and throw bombs of blood at you. Don't stand in one place! He also takes more damage while in flight. Can be hit over 500 easily from 1 bomb.
After he is really low health, he'll turn into a mist. If you stand under him, you'll be dealt constant damage. Use the holy water to create puddles on the ground. Lead him into it and kill him once and for all.
But, as he dies, he will deal one last near-death blow! Vanescula and Sarius will show up. You will get to control Vanescula and finish up the bloodvelds using her special attacks.

Finishing Up

Sarius will take you to the Myreque hideout. Talk to Vertida. It will show a cut-scene with Safalaan on the wall. Vanescula will show up, and the vyres will leave. Mysterious.
With the medallion, travel to Burgh de Rott. Return to Veliaf. He will say the Mreque are in more danger than ever, but they are a step closer to taking over Drakan.
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, 20,000 Agility XP, 50,000 Woodcutting XP, 20,000 Farming XP, 40,000 Fletching XP, 20,000 Crafting XP, 25,000 Slayer XP, 35,000 Magic XP, an XP tome with three 50,000 XP chpaters, access to Darkmeyer, ability to fletch Blightwood weapons, a Darkmeyer vyrewatch disguise and an object allowing quick travel to and around Morytania, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune