Blood Runs Deep

Author(s): ryfos
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Baba Yaga's house on Lunar Isle
How to Start: Speak to Baba Yaga
Length: Long
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: Dream Mentor, Glorious Memories, Horror from the Deep, 65 Slayer, 75 Attack, 75 Strength, Completed Fremennik Hard Tasks
Items Needed: Seal of Passage, Ranged attack, Runes for all four elemental spells.
Recommendations: High Magic and Ranged levels
A stranger has washed up on the shores of Lunar Isle, broken and delirious, and Baba Yaga requests your aid in getting him back on his feet. Yet beware the horrors that lurk in his mind, for they could prove to be a very real threat for Fremennik everywhere...

Starting Out

Talk to Baba Yaga in her house on Lunar Isle. Ask about the sick man. She'll say he washed up on shore, and she believes he has mental issues. Then she'll ask you to join her in the World of Dreams to find what's wrong.

Bank while you can, stocking up for combat, and then head into the dream with Baba Yaga.

The World of Dreams

The man in the dream is Silas, the lighthouse keeper from Horror from the Deep. Listen to him write in his diary. Baba Yaga then suggests you search for clues. Search the bookcase, and you will find a prophecy tablet.

Head up the stairs. You will find yourself in a room with dagannoths, Silas, and a Dagannoth Mother. Eavesdrop on them, and you will hear of the Dagannoth Mother's plan to take over the Fremennik.

After you've listened to them, walk into the next room. Talk to Silas, and you will have a conversation about how the Lectern isn't activated, and Baba Yaga will have to activate it. An endless supply of dagannoths will now come in and attack you with all three combat styles. Prevent them from attacking Baba Yaga while she repairs the lectern. Baba Yaga will heal and cast Vengeance on you on occasion, but do not rely on this. Try and keep your health up, and keep killing the monsters until Baba Yaga repairs the lectern, and you will automatically be teleported to the real world.

Rellekka's Fight

Once you're back into the real world, go back to the bank and restock for even more fighting. Then, head in and talk to Baba Yaga again. The Oneiromancer will enter and tell you that dagannoths are attacking Rellekka. Baba Yaga will then take your seal of passage, and teleport you back to Rellekka for a fight.

Fight off the dagannoths you can. Keep fighting until Brundt tells you to head to the longboat at the dock. A flashing arrow will appear leading you to the boat. Climb aboard and flee Rellekka.

Talk to Queen Sigrid on the longboat. She will give you Balmung, a legendary axe, and ask you to save King Vargas from the Waterbirth dungeon. Talk to Brundt, get another seal of passage, stock up at Etceteria, and head back to battle

Waterbirth Island

Travel to Waterbirth Island. The fastest way is to use your Fremmennik Boots to change your lyre teleport, and teleport there. Walk to the dungeon entrance and talk to Bardur. He tells you about hearing voices from an old man underground. He'll give you rope, and tell you about a hole on the southwest corner of the island. Head that way, attach the rope to the hole, and head down.

Once inside, talk to King Vargas. He'll explain how he has been injured, and can't escape. Bardur yells down to you from above saying the dagannoths have come onto land, and that you can't escape over land. You'll have to go through the dungeon. He can barely walk, so you must walk through the dungeon slowly with him.

Head through the dungeon, always keep walking. Attack as many monsters as you can to keep them from attacking King Vargas. If he is attacked, use food on him, and make sure you keep both of you alive. Walk through the caves (there is only one path), and follow the ladders up. (There is one down ladder in the area, you cannot use it with the King following you.) Once you reach the end, King Vargas will climb the final ladder, and accidentally knock rocks down on you.

You will appear in the afterlife. Eir, the woman greeting you, will talk to you and tell you that it is not your time yet. She will send you back to the real world, where you will wake aboard Brundt's longboat, with King Vargas. He will give you a second prophecy tablet.

King Vargas and Queen Sigrid will ask you to conduct their marriage ceremony. After you conduct their ceremony, you can choose to marry yourself, to either Princess Astrid or Prince Brand, depending on your gender. Whether you choose to marry or not, Brundt asks you to head to Rellekka's Long Hall with him, where you will plan for the war, and gives you the option to bank at Etceteria first.

The Daggermouth War

For this part of the quest, you will need runes for all four elemental spells (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth), plus a ranged weapon and ammunition, and the Balmung. It is also suggested to bring a ring of life, armour, food, and potions to kill three high leveled monsters. A Beast of Burden is useful to carry extra food.

Head to the Rellekka long hall, and discuss the war with Brundt. Brundt suggests that the Fremennik raid Waterbirth and kill all the dagannoth. Join them and set off for battle!

Once on the longboat, talk to Baba Yaga and Brundt. They talk about the prophecy tablets. Once you'rea ready to fight, talk to Brundt, and he will land the fleet on Waterbirth. Climb back down into the cave you found King Vargas at, and prepare for battle. Walk into the tunnel. Once you're in the next room, the four others in your party will stay behind, as the Dagannoth Kings are approaching behind you. Head forward, and you will meet two Dagannoth Sentinels.

Use the axe on them, attacking them alternately, in order to keep them focused on you and not on healing the other. Once you've killed them, you can teleport out and bank if needed, otherwise, turn on Protect from Melee, and head into the next room.

The next room is a maze. Once in, head to your east until you find a low wall to climb over. Then follow the tunnel southwest, southeast, and northeast to a tunnel. Climb through the tunnel, and run south to the next door. Enter it.

You're in the final saferoom before the Mother. Restore your prayer if needed, and pot. Wield your Balmung, and prepare to fight. Walk through the pillars when you're ready, and talk to the Dagannoth Mother. Attack her with the Balmung, and she will change color. Use the attack based on her color in order to kill her.

  • Orange: Balmung
  • Green: Ranged Attacks
  • White: Wind spells
  • Blue: Water spells
  • Brown: Earth spells
  • Red: Fire spells

Once you've defeated her, walk back to the next room, and take the pickaxe, the plank, and the tinderbox. Use the pickaxe on the pillars to knock them down. and collapse the entrance to the room. You'll die in a cave-in, again, and will return to the afterlife.

Eir will offer to send you back to the real world, as it is still not your time to die. Accept her offer and you will be returned to the entrance of the cave with the rest of your group.

You will find that the Dagannoth Kings have been defeated, but Prince Brand and Princess Astrid died in the fight. Climb up to the surface again, where Brundt and his warriors have defeated the rest of the dagannoth.

Talk to Brundt, and he will tell you of a final prophecy he destroyed.

You will now be in a cutscene, showing the pyre ships of Prince Brand and Princess Astrid for their funeral. After the cutscene, you will return to Rellekka. Congratulations, quest complete! Talk to Talk to Brundt to claim your reward.

Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points; Balmung; Speak to Chieftain Brundt to receive three lots of 150,000 XP in combat skills, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.