Back To My Roots

Author(s): Khairo
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: East Ardougne
How to Start: Lord Handelmort's mansion
Length: Short
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: A Fariytale Part I - Growing Pains, The Hand in the Sand, One Small Favour, Tribal Totem, Level 55 Agility, Level 53 Farming, Level 59 Slayer, Level 72 Woodcutting
Items Needed: Hatchet, machete, plant pot with soil, empty pot, spade, secateurs (Magic secateurs work), soft clay, gardening trowel
Recommendations: Antipoison, food, armor with high magical defense, prayer potions
"Use your Slayer skills to battle out of control vegetation with an attitude, cultivate your wits and stretch your Agility to solve a cunning maze - all to make a gardener's day. Do you have what it takes to cut this quest down to size?"

Starting Out

To begin the quest, speak to Horacio who is located outside the Handelmort Mansion in East Ardougne. Ask him who he is and he will explain that is is the gardener for Lord Handelmort. Ask him if he needs anyhelp and he will request a special plant called a Jade Vine which is located east of Shilo Village.

He says how delicate the vine is and suggests talking to Wizard Cromperty, located in the outskirts of East Ardougne's market, about preservation magic. He needs a package that the R.P.D.T depot still has. Head over to the depot which is located next to the bank and the Poison Arrow bar. Talk to an employee and they will say the package you need is very smelly and they aren't allowed to open. So, go to the table and open the package. You will find a wizard's hand inside it. The hand is used during the Returning Clarence mini-quest. You will NOT need it for this quest.
Return the the employee and they will deliver the package to Wizard Cromperty. Head back and talk to him. He will tell you that his "device" (a pot lid) is broken and you will need to make a new one. Craft one and return to Wizard Cromperty.
Note: Wizard Cromperty will not accept any pot lids that were made/bought BEFORE he tells you to make a pot lid.
He will tell you to talk to Garth, who is located in Brimhaven by the fruit tree patch.

Vine Maze

Talk to Garth about the quest and he will tell you that the Jade Vine is very fragile and that you will need a plant pot (with soil), secateurs, spade, a woodcutting axe to navigate the Vine Maze, and of course your pot with pot lid.

Note: Although Garth didn't mention it, bringing a machete is a MUST to navigate the Vine Maze.
You may pay 10 coins to Hajedy, who is next to Garth, to go to Shilo Village quickly or you may walk there. Once you are at Shilo Village, leave and head east, walking along the border that separates the Kharazi Jungle from the rest of Karamja until you reach a waterfall. Cross over the waterfall and head north until you can cross a log to get to the other side. After you cross the log, head south until you reach the maze.

Note: There are many monsters ranging from level 3 to 70 with some being poisonous. It is suggested to bring antiposion and food.
There should be a root that you can climb up. Climb it and:
  • Go east and climb up the vine.
  • Go sotheast and climb down the vine.
  • Go northwest and climb down to surface level.
  • Go south and squeeze through the vines.
  • Climb up the vine.
  • Climb up the vine again. (You should be at on an eagle's platform)
  • Walk east across the platform and climb down.
  • Go north until you find a vine that you can swing across and do that.
  • Go north and climb down the down.
  • Climb down the vine again to surface level.
  • Go southeast and climb up the vine.
  • Go east and climb the vine.
  • Cross the vine to the other side of the maze. (You should be on the eastern part of the maze)
  • Climb down the vine.
  • Climb down the vine again to surface level.
  • Go south and the cut vines and then crawl through them. (Machete required)
  • Go southeast and climb up the vine.
  • Go south then west and climb up the vine.
  • Cross the vine back to the other side of the maze.(You should be back on the western part of the maze again)
  • Go west then south and then east and climb down the vine.

Note: If you fail at any of the agility-type obstacles, a hole should be near by to take you back into the maze so you can try again.
You should now be at the end of the maze. There should be some loose soil spots around the maze. You will use the spade on the ground to reveal the roots. Using secateurs, you will cut a bit of the root off. Place this piece of root in the plant pot and wait until it successfully grows. If it does not grow, cut another piece of root and try again. Once it grows successfully, use the plant pot with the root on the pot. It will now become a sealed pot. If you lose the sealed pot, you may talk to Garth to receive another one.
Return to Ardougne.

Wild Vine

Go to Horacio. He will thank you for getting and ask you to plant and grow it, much to your discontent. The Jade Vine will grow out of control and Horacio will ask you to kill it for him. DO NOT say yes if you're not prepared!
Once you are ready, talk to Horacio and attack the Jade Vine. The Jade Vine can only be damaged with a woodcutting axe ONLY.
Note: The Jade Vine attacks with all forms of combat, but it suggested to wear armor with Magic defence and use the Protect from Melee prayer. Antipoison is also suggested.
Once the Jade Vine is almost dead, use your secateurs to deal the finishing blow. Talk to Horacio again and..
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 24k Farming XP, 40k Woodcutting XP, 23k Slayer XP, 15k Agility XP, New farming patch, Jade Vine seed, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: Note: You now have access to the monsters within the Jade Vine Maze. They drop body parts of Clarence and those parts are used in the Returning Clarence mini-quest.