As a First Resort...

Author(s): Josh 302, Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: No
Where to Start: Oo'glog
How to Start: Speak with Chief Tess
Length: Long
Difficulty: Experienced
Requirements: Level 48 Hunter, Level 51 Firemaking, Level 58 Woodcutting, Zogre Flesh Eaters
Items Needed: Hatchet, 8 achey tree logs, 10 eucalyptus logs (obtainable easily during quest), 4 spears of any kind (bone spears will work), two raw chompy meat, 8 Stripy feathers, 4 wolf bones, 8 larupia furs, Bird snare, box trap
Recommendations: Energy potions or Explorer's Ring for a lot of running around if you don't already have the required items for the quest, 20+ Eucalyptus logs, 15 of each Fever Grass, Tansymum, Primweed, Lavender, and Stinkbloom
After discovering the beneficial properties of some of the natural springs of the area, an enterprising human has convinced a primitive tribe of ogresses to transform their rustic encampment into a medicinal spa of sorts.
Before Oo'glog can open for business, though, the area must be prepared, a pest problem needs to be sorted and the ogres really ought to be reminded that bashing people with big clubs isn't a traditional health treatment.
Note: This quest can be MUCH shorter if you have all the materials in advance. It is also advisable to have extra eucalyptus logs for

We're Not Open

Speak with Chief Tess in her hut (which also contains Dawg the Larupia) and she will tell you Oo'glog is not open yet. Ask her what is going on, and she will tell that she agree to help a human woman with a 'business venture.' This human's plan is to turn Oo'glog into a spa, but they are having trouble because none of the ogres can understand what this woman wants. Ask to help out, and Chief Tess will send you to the bossy lady at the bank' (Balnea).
Go to Balnea at the bank just south of Chief Tess' hut, and she will tell you she needs a hand (though in MANY more words) getting Oo'glog ready to open for business. After a delightful conversation she offers you free access to all the spa's facilities if you help out.

Establishing the Catering Facilities

Hoping the rustic charm outweighs the risk of food poisoning, Balnea sends you to Chargurr to teach her to cook on a spit.

Chargurr needs help building a large fire and getting Chompy bird to cook. First she needs 8 achey tree logs and 10 eucalyptus logs. Note that you cannot cut down the Achey trees next to Chargurr, as she needs them for the spit and will not let you.
There are plenty of Eucalyptus trees outside of Oo'glog, but there are also many agressive ogresses and wolves. A few Achey trees are near the Eucalyptus, but a greater amount with less enemies is located directly north of Oo'glog in the swamp near Rantz. Take all of these logs back to Chargurr at the same time ("Me not good at counting")
Next she needs spears, as many as if she had two more eyes. These can be any kind, so get the cheapest ones you can. Mithril spears are often much easier to purchase on the Grand Exchange than Bronze spears.
Chargurr now needs two chompy birds, which can either be purchased from the Grand Exchange or hunted in the Feldip Hills. Bring those to her, and all she needs is for you to light the large fire. After that, return to Balnea for your next task.

Advancing Relevant Relaxation Technologies

Balnea's next task is to help out Snurgh, the hotel manager.

Snurgh is located in the south building closest to the eastern shore.

She needs help with a lot of things, obviously, the first being 8 feathers from a tropical wagtail to make pillows. Tropical wagtails can be found in the Feldip Hunter area, and you only need to snare two of them. If you need a bird snare, the nearby Hunting Expert can give you one for free.
Take them to Snurgh, who says she doesn't need help with anything else.

Levering a Win-Win Value Proposition into a Concrete Deliverable

Balnea next sends you to Kringk, the 'stress-management engineer' at the Salon. The salon is the building east of the bank.

Kringk needs tools to do hair with, and asks you to bring him 4 wolf bones and 8 larupia furs. Spined larupias can be found directly north of Oo'glog. Bring them to Kringk and she has everything she needs for her salon.

The Insect Management Project

Balnea next sends you to Seegud, an ogress shaman northeast of the bank. Seegud tells you that the bugs at each pool hate a particular scent, and you must light a fire using specific ingredients to drive them away. She left rocks by the fire pit of each of the five pools to remember what needs to be added to each fire. Each fire pit needs Eucalyptus Logs, and whichever ingredients correspond to the colored rocks.

Green gumdrop rock: Fever grass

Red sphere rock: Primweed

Yellow egg-shaped rock: Tansymum

Orange squarish rock: Stinkbloom

Purple tall rock: Lavender

All of these can be found in bushes to the west of Oo'glog. Attempt to light a fire and you will get a message saying that something isn't right, even though you followed Seegud's instructions correctly. One of the ogre children will laugh, and you'll need to go back to Seegud.
Seegud says that he thinks the ogre children just switched the rocks around so each one now means something different. Speak with one of the ogre children, and they will suggest you try combinations on the thermal bath, which only has one ingredient. Try each of the five ingredients on a fire to see which ones is needed for the thermal bath. After you find out which ingredient works on the thermal bath, one of the ogre children will suggest you try the mud bath now that you know what the yellow rock does.

After the mud bath, do the same with the salt-water spring, then with the Sulphur spring, and finally the Bandos pool. It would be a good idea to write down what you discover Talk to Seegud when you have eliminated all of the bugs, then return to Balnea. Again.

One Last Outstanding Matter

Balnea says the last thing to do is clear out Oo'glog of various pests that are inhabiting it. Speak with Chief Tess, who will tell you how to get rid of each creature.

Diseased Kebbits - Like fever grass, aggressive to tansymum

Platypus - Like lavender, aggressive to fever grass

Wimpy birds - Like tansymum, aggressive to lavender

The wimpy birds are easy, they are clustered together to the west of the bank. Set down a bird snare, then use a tinderbox on a tansymum while your weapon hand is free. Stand near the bird snare and the wimpy birds will be attracted to the scent and eventually land on the snare. There are five (5) wimpy birds total that you need to catch.
The diseased kebbits are a little trickier. First you have to set up a deadfall trap, then bait it with fever grass. Then, you must light another fever grass to attract the diseased kebbits to the trap, where they will eventually crawl into and be crushed. There are four (4) diseased kebbits to catch.

Last is the family of platypodes, Penelope, Patrick, Peter, and Peanut. You will need to set a box trap, then light lavender to attract them towards it. This can take the duration of five or six smouldering lavender, but may take as few as two or three, so be patient.
When you have captured them all, head to the eastern shore and release them near the reeds + platypus holes. Each one will give you either a casket or an oyster.

After you release them all, speak to Balnea one last time for the grand opening of Oo'glog.

You view a cutscene of the opening of Oo'glog, including a visit from the Wise Old Man.

After things settle down, Balnea gives you free access to the spas at Oo'glog.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 15,000 Firemaking XP, 15,000 Hunter XP, 15,000 Woodcutting XP, Access to spa facilities, Oo'glog Hunter area and platypus pet, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: If your summoning level is at least 10, you can catch use a box trap and smoked lavender to catch and keep a platypus as a pet. They eat raw fish or ground fishing bait.