A Souls' Bane

Author(s): Tom
Contributor(s): Schmidty102
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Rift entrance, north-west of the Dig Site
How to Start: Speak to Launa
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: None
Items Needed: A rope
Recommendations: A good knowledge of combat
A rift in the ground has opened up, releasing all manner of strange monsters into the lands near the Dig Site. A sorrowful mother waits at the top of the rift for her long-lost son, who has been missing for 25 years. You can journey down into the rift for an adventure full of twisted monsters, all created from the mind of a young boy driven to madness through incarceration.

Beware: This is a combat-heavy quest, so prepare before you venture down.

Getting started

Speak to Launa and she'll tell you that her son, Tolna, and her husband are missing. She will ask you to find them.

Attach a rope to the rift and climb down.

Throughout the quest Tolna will be expressing his feelings through each room.

First room (Anger)

There are four weapons which you will use to fight each monster. Hitting high on the monsters is very common.

Bear - Spear.

Unicorn - Sword.

Rat - Mace.

Goblin - Battleaxe.

Kill all four monsters until your anger bar is completely filled.

After the bar is completely filled all monsters in the room will suddenly be killed and then you will see a cutscene. After the cutscene, go to the second room.

Second Room (Fear)

In the second room, search the dark holes, and kill all of the Reapers.

After you kill 5 Reapers, you will no longer be afraid of them. After the cutscene, enter the dark hole on the west wall.

Third room (Confusion)

In the third room, there are fake monsters, and a real monster. These monsters can poison you. The fake monsters will die in eight hits. Once you kill the real monster, the next door will disappear, and you will have to kill another set of monsters, until all the doors have disappeared.

Fourth room (Hopelessness)

When you enter this room, the crawling creatures will be hitting you with blue orbs. These orbs will drain your prayer, but will not harm you. Kill all of the hopeless in this room.

After you kill them, they will respawn as a smaller form, and you will have to kill them again. After you've killed them all, a cutscene will appear. Cross the bridge, and enter the final room.

Fifth Room (The End)

In this room, you will have to fight three heads. They can poison you, so make sure you have some antipoison left.

After killing them, Tolna will appear. Talk to him to get back to his mother. Then talk to him again. Quest complete!

Reward Scroll
1 Quest point, 500 Defense XP, 500 Hitpoint XP, 500 Gold coins, access to the Dungeon of Tolna, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.