A Fairytale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift

Author(s): None
Contributor(s): anthony
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Fairy Very Wise in the Sparse Plane, reached by using any fairy ring a short while after completing A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen.
How to Start: Speak to Fairy Very Wise
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Experienced
Requirements: A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen, Wolf Whistle, 59 Magic, 54 Farming, 51 Thieving, 37 Summoning, 36 Crafting
Items Needed: Hammer, Secateurs, Lunar or Dramen Staff, Bucket of Milk
Recommendations: None
The Fairy Queen is back to full health and her resistance movement is gathering momentum, but the Godfather (and his ever-growing ork army) aren't going to give up the throne without a fight. Defeating all those orks is going to be like pulling teeth.

Starting Out

Teleport via any fairy ring. Fairy Very Wise will intercept your teleport, and bring you to the secret meeting place. She asks for your help to stop the Godfather once and for all. Tell her you'll help, and she will increase your fairy ring security clearance, and teleport you to the fairy headquarters.

In the fairy headquarters, talk to the Fairy Queen. She will tell you that the fairies plan on fighting the Godfather. Tell her you're willing to help them fight, and she will send you to talk to the Tooth Fairy in the same room.

Talk to the Tooth fairy, and she will tell you about her battle plans. She will tell you how the Godfather has opened a plane to the Ork realm, which allows him to bring in reinforcements. She then describes a plan to use "Fairy Tooth Magic" to stop the Godfather. She asks you to turn on the projector to show you what she means.

First Mission

Once you've completed this, the Tooth Fairy asks you to go on your first mission, to retrieve her wand from her house. She gives you instructions to make a tooth extractor to pick the lock on her door.

Create the tooth extractor from a pair of secateurs and a hammer. Then, use the tooth extractor on the door of the Tooth Fairy's house, just north of the Zanaris bank.

Talk to her pet, Gnarly. He tells you he will only trust you with the wand if you will compliment him just like the Tooth Fairy does. Once you compliment him, he will ask you for a bucket of milk. Give him the bucket of milk, and he will tell you to close your eyes while he gets the wand. After he gets the wand, he tells you he's not just going to give you the wand, but rather, you have to take him to the Tooth Fairy as well.

Return Gnarly and the wand to the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy will now show you another presentation explaining the next step of the process. The Godfather's spells have made his only vulnerability to be attacks from his own generals. Your next mission is to extract a tooth from each of the three ork generals in order to use fairy tooth magic to create fake ork generals. The Tooth Fairy gives you a dossier containing information on all three of the ork generals, and convinces you to replace one of your teeth with a magic tooth to once again increase your security clearance for the fairy rings.

Stand on the yellow flowers and wave. The Tooth Fairy's assistants will now pull one of your teeth and replace it with a magic tooth. Now you're ready to head out to get the teeth!

General Bre'egth's Tooth

Talk to General Bre'egth, who is located near the Zanaris windmill. Ask her about her missing tooth. She will tell you about K'Chunk, an ork who started a fight with her. She tells you to talk to her grunts. The Grunts will tell you that after the fight K'Chunk was sent through the fairy ring system to get rid of him. They tell you Fairy Fixit tried to stop them. Talk to Fairy Fixit, and she'll give you the code for the fairy ring to find K'Chunk. Go through, talk to K'Chunk, and he will tell you about his prized possesion, the tooth. Pickpocket him, and take the tooth.

General Gromblod's Tooth

Use the fairy rings to go to code BKQ. Walk south and talk to a Centaur. They tell you General Gromblod is eating all of their food. Talk to General Gromblod, who tells you he's looking for a mango to eat. Talk to a Centaur again, and they say the Dryad may be able to help you. The Dryad gives you fairy ring code CLR to go get mangos. Pick a fruit from the mango tree, and head back to the General. Give him the mango, and his tooth gets stuck in it, so he tosses it. Pick it up, and use tooth extractor on it to separate the tooth and the mango.

General Shredflesh's Tooth

Use the fairy rings to go to code ALP. Talk to General Shredflesh and convince him you are a dentist, and that the pain won't be too bad. Use the tooth extractor on Shredflesh in order to get the tooth.

Prepare for the Final Battle

Return to the Tooth Fairy. She tells you to turn on the projector (again). She then updates your dossier to give you your final instructions.

Use the fairy rings, and enter the following codes in order: BIR DIP CLR ALP. This sequence will teleport you to the final battleground. Look through the fairy tree to see the Godfather and the three ork generals. You now will see a cutscene of the orks going through Zanaris.

Talk to the Tooth Fairy, who appears during the cutscene. The Tooth Fairy describes the battle plan. Your first mission is to plant the three teeth in the farming patches to the south.

After that, kill as many of the grunts and generals as fast as possible. Once you have killed all three Ork generals, your tooth-generals can attack the Godfather's shield, and finally you can kill him. If at any time you are having trouble, you can go through the vines again, and as long as you don't leave to resupply, your teeth-generals will continue fighting while you restore HP or eat.

Once the Godfather is defeated, talk to him. The Fairy Queen comes and sends the Godfather through a rift, and the fairy stitching team comes to close the rift. Afterwards, the rift explodes, and the Fairy Queen teleports everyone to safety.

Talk to the Fairy Queen, and she rewards you for a job well done, and offers to teleport you back to Marvin, who also rewards you. Quest complete!

Reward Scroll
11,000 Farming XP; 11,000 Magic XP; 11,000 Thieving XP; 1,000 Crafting XP; 1,000 Summoning XP; Use of fairy rings without a staff; Magic watering can; Free access to Zanaris market; Automatic allotment patch weeding; Ability to get a tooth pet; 2 Quest Points, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.