Wizards' Guild

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Location: Yanille
Requirements: Level 66 Magic


To enter the Wizards' Guild, you must have level 66 Magic or more.
The Wizards' Guild is located in the magical town of Yanille, south of Port Khazard.
This guild has many floors and features, including zombies in the basement, which are useful for training on as they are behind bars at a safe distance. There are magical shops here, where you can buy runes, battlestaves and even mystic robes!
The wizards have even used their masterful skills to direct portals to provide their fellow mages with quick routes to magical locations around RuneScape.


You need a Magic level of at least 66 in order to get inside the Guild.

Getting There

  • Watchtower Teleport spell (After hard tasks are completed for Ardougne Achivement Diary you teleport into the city with this, so best way)
  • Fairy Ring (code CIQ)
  • Dueling Ring teleport to Castle Wars and run to Yanille
  • Teleport to House spell (If your house is in Yanille)

The Guild

There are four floors to the Wizards' Guild.

First Floor

The first person you'll meet in the guild, the one who welcomes you, is Wizard Distentor. He can teleport you to the Rune Essence mines if you want.
Another wizard on this floor is Zavistic Rarve. He is involved in three different quests. These are Back to My Roots (miniqeust), The Hand in the Sand, and Zogre Flesh Eaters. This wizard is also the one that'll come outside when you ring the Bell out front.
The last special NPC on this floor is the gnome wizard, Professor Imblewyn. All you can do is have one conversation with him, he doesn't do anything special.
Besides the three people listed above, there are two level 9 Wizards.
The last features for this floor are the staircase that lead you up to the second floor, and the trapdoor that leads you into the Wizards' Guild Basement.

Second Floor

There are only two special NPCs on this floor, both of which you can trade with.
The first one is the Magic Store Owner. He sells an asortment of runes and staves.

The items he sells are (from left to right):
  • Air Rune
  • Water Rune
  • Earth Rune
  • Fire Rune
  • Mind Rune
  • Body Rune
  • Chaos Rune
  • Nature Rune
  • Death Rune
  • Law Rune
  • Blood Rune
  • Soul Rune
  • Staff of Fire
  • Staff of Water
  • Staff of Air
  • Staff of Earth

The other man you can trade with is the Robe Store Owner. He sells a set of Mystic Robes (the blue and white set).

The items he sells are (from left to right):
  • Mystic Hat
  • Mystic Robe Top
  • Mystic Robe Bottom
  • Mystic Gloves
  • Mystic Boots

Besides the store owners there are three level 9 Wizards on this floor too. There are also stairs to go back down to the First Floor, or stairs to go up to the Third Floor.

Third Floor

This floor is quite special. It is the portal room for the Wizards' Guild. It'll teleport you to three other establishments around Gielinor.
  • West Portal = Sorcerer's Tower (Right beside the Ranging Guild)
  • South Portal = Dark Wizards' Tower (West of Falador and South of Taverley)
  • East Portal = Wizards' Tower (South of Draynor Village)

Besides the portals there are three level 9 Wizards on this floor just like the Second Floor. The last things to take notice of are the two empty Vials you can pic up off the table, and the stairs leading back down to the Second Floor.


The basement features 8 level 24 Zombies in a caged in area. You can train your magic on these Zombies if you wish.
The zombies were created by Wizard Frumscone who is in this same room. He is involved in the Swan Song quest, where he sends you to get help from the Necromancer near Port Sarim.
The only other thing in the room is the ladder that takes you back up to the First Floor.

Skill Cape

When you achieve a level of 99 in Magic, you may speak to the Robe Store Owner on the Second Floor to purchase a Magic Cape and Hood of Accomplishment. This will cost you 99,000 gp.


The quests listed below involve the Wizards' Guild:
  • Back to My Roots (miniquest)
  • The Hand in the Sand
  • Swan Song
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters