Thieves' Guild

Author(s): Schmidty102
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Members: Yes
Location: Under the house just to the north of the Lumbridge Furnace.
Requirements: Completed the Buyers and Cellars Quest.


To gain access to the Thieve's Guild you must have completed the Buyers and Cellars Quest.

The guild is found under the house just to the north of the Lumbridge Furnace. To enter the guild you must climb down the trapdoor located on the north wall.

Hanky Points

Hanky points are collected while training inside the guild. There are many different training methods, as listed below, which all give hanky points. Hanky points can be defined as the currency in the Thieves' Guild. By turning them in to any trainer in the guild, you buy yourself xp. There is a maximum amount of hanky points that you can exchange, depending on your Thieving Level.

While training your skills you will come across two different types of hankies. There is the blue hanky, worth 1 point; and the red hanky, worth 4 points.

Hanky Weekly Exchange Table
Thieving Level Maximum Points Experience rewarded when traded in
99 84 10,080
97 80 9,680
95 80 9,280
93 80 8,880
92 80 8,720
88 76 7,980
85 76 7,600
84 76 7,296
83 76 7,144
82 76 6,916
81 76 6,765
80 72 6,680
79 72 6,408
78 72 6,264
77 72 6,120
76 72 5,973
75 72 5,832
74 72 5,688
73 72 5,544
72 72 5,400
71 68 5,236
70 68 5,100
69 68 4,964
68 68 4,828
67 68 4,692
66 68 4,556
65 68 4,420
64 68 4,284
63 68 4,148
62 64 4,032
61 64 3,904
60 64 3,776
59 64 3,648
56 64 3,384
55 64 3,200
54 64 3,072
53 60 3,000
52 60 2,880
51 60 2,760
50 60 2,700
45 60 2,160

The above table will be updated as more information becomes available to us.

Guild Capers

Guild Capers are sub-quests for the Buyers and Cellars Quest. By completing each caper you help make more money for the guild, and therefore it expands. For each caper there will be more areas released in the guild.

Guild Training

You can train in the guild by various methods. We will cover them all briefly.


You can pickpocket any of the pickpocketing trainers to gain one hanky point and thieving experience. This experience gained changes according to the players thieving level. If you fail, the trainer will hit you and cause 1 Damage (Very minimal - No food should be needed). You can still pickpocket the trainers after you reach your maximum hanky points allowed.

Chest Looting

There is a small "jail" room/hallway on the east side of the guild with 6 chests. The north chests/doors give a smaller amount of experience compared to the south chests/doors, but doesn't require a lock pick. A lock pick may be purchased from the general store in the guild.

The north chests give blue hankies while the south chests give red hankies (if you have completed the first caper).

You can continue to open the doors and chests even after you reach your maximum hanky points allowed.

North ChestsNorth DoorsSouth ChestsSouth Doors
120 experience210 experience180 experience280 experience


Once you complete two of the capers for the guild, you have the option to crack safes. For each safe that you crack you gain 1 hanky point and 75 thieving experience. If you fail to crack the safe, rubber spikes will come out of the ground and temporarily stun you. This is a slower means of training compared to chest looting.


Once you complete two of the capers for the guild, you have the option to pickpocket using blackjacks.

To do this simply wield a rubber blackjack (bought from the guild store after completion of The Fued Quest) and right click on a cosh instructor and select "Lure" to distract them. Now that they are distracted, knock them out and now you can loot them. There is a possibility to loot the person multiple times before they gain consciousness. You gain 4 hanky points and thieving experience depending on your level.

Special Rooms

There are different special rooms that were built in the guild.

Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals store is available after you complete two capers, and will be fully available to you after you complete all three.