Ranging Guild

Author(s): King Uther
Contributor(s): Khairo, Schmidty102, qb1
Members: Yes
Location: Hemenster (southwest of Seer's Village)
Requirements: Level 40 Ranged


To enter the Ranging Guild, you will need to have at least level 40 Ranged.
The Ranging Guild is located in the Hemenster region, south-west of Seers' Village and north of East Ardougne.
The Guild contains a large number of items and features, including a Target Practice game, tribal shops which stock unique ranged weapons, and other useful areas to train your Ranged skill on an opponent at distance.


To be able to enter the Ranging Guild you need level 40 Ranged as mentioned in the introduction.

The Guild

The guild consist of a ground floor, and a tower.


The first shop run by the Armour Salesman. He sells leather armours, and is located just east of the entrance. He also sells the Ranged Cape and Hood to level 99 rangers.

The next shop is run by the Bow and Arrow Salesman, which is right next to Aaron. He sells arrows, arrow tips, and bows. Also, if you sell him brutal arrows, they can be bought back.

The final shop in the ranging guild is Authentic Throwing Weapons, run by the Tribal Salesman. He sells javelins and throwing axes up to rune, and is located in the southwestern part of the guild.

There is also a leatherworker on the far east side of the guild that can tan hides for a minimal fee.

Archery Competition

This competition costs 200 gp. You supply your own bow and may use the bronze arrows provided by the judge (ONLY bronze arrows may be used). Each time you fire at the targets you can hit one of 6 things.
  • Miss-0 points=0 XP
  • Black-10 points=5 XP
  • Blue-20 points=10 XP
  • Red-30 points=15 XP
  • Yellow-50 points=25 XP
  • Bulls-eye-100 points=50 XP
Each competition lasts 10 shots. Tickets are given after all 10 shots are taken. Tickets are the number of points divided by 10. You accuracy is affected by your equipment and ranged level.
These are the range items that can be bought using the tickets won in the competition.
The ticket merchants are located just to the southwest of the entrance.
  • The 30 Barb Bolttips cost 140 Archery Tickets each.
  • The Studded Body costs 150 Archery Tickets.
  • The 50 Rune Arrows cost 2,000 Archery Tickets each.
  • The Coif costs 100 Archery Tickets.
  • The Green D'hide Body costs 2,400 Archery Tickets.
  • The 20 Adamant Javelins costs 2,000 Archery Tickets each.

The Tower

In the tower, you can train on tower archers. The long ranged attack style must be used, and the only way to get arrows back is if you are using an Ava's attractor, or accumulator. The North Tower has three level 19 archers. The South Tower has three level 49 archers. The East Tower has three level 34 archer.

Last, the West Tower containing three level 64 archers.