Prayer Guild

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Members: No
Location: Northeast of Falador
Requirements: 31 Prayer


The Prayer Guild is also called The Monastery.
To enter the Monastery, you will need at least level 31 Prayer.
Considered a guild by many, the Monastery is located North of Falador, and due West of Edgeville.
Although the monks around the Monastery will heal wounded warriors if they are asked, only people with 31 Prayer or more are allowed access to the upper floor. On the upper floor, there is a respawn point for monk's robes, both the top and bottom. There is also a unique altar here, that when prayed at, will give 2 more Prayer points onto your Prayer point total.
Brother Jered also resides on the top floor, and will bless Silver Symbols of Saradomin if you present them to him and ask nicely.


The only requirement, a Prayer level of 31, is for accessing the second floor of the Prayer Guild. This is NOT a Members' only Guild.

Getting There

  • You may use a Combat Bracelet in order to teleport to the Monastery.
  • You can also just teleport to Varrock and walk/run there.
  • You may use a Glory Amulet to teleport to Edgeville and cut through the Wilderness a bit and hop back over the ditch so that you are on the North side of the Monastery. Or you can go down to Barbarian Village and cross through its West gate and head North up to the Monastery from that route (the Wilderness route is quicker).

The Guild

On the first floor of the guild you will see many monks wandering around. You can ask them to heal you if you are missing any life points. Also on this floor, a little North, is a garden where you can pick up some cabbages. Finally, Abott Langley is beside the ladder in the Southeast corner of the Monastery. He can heal you just like any of the other monks, but he will also let you know that you cannot access the second floor if you do not have at least level 31 in Prayer.

Unlike the first floor, the second floor has a requirement to access. You need a Prayer level of 31 in order to use one of the ladders on the first floor. For many people, the first thing you see is the table that contains Monk's Robe Top and Monk's Robe Bottom.

If you put them on you will notice that you now look just like the monks passing through the halls of the Monastery.

These robes are not only for looks, but also give a combat bonus of +11 Prayer when worn together.

After picking up your new Monk's Robes, you may continue north to the altar.

This altar is very special. If you pray at it, it'll not only restore all of your prayer points, but it will also give you 2 extra ones. There is no time limit for spending them, so as long as you don't use any prayers they will stay there.
The final thing up on the second floor is Brother Jered. You will notice right away that he is wearing the Prayer Cape. This is because he is the person that you buy it off of when you reach level 99 in Prayer.

He can do more than sell you a Prayer Cape though. Brother Jered is also able to bless any Unblessed Symbols you have. He does not charge any fee or drain on your Prayer points for this.

So, you may bring him as many Unblessed Symbols as you want. Once they are blessed by Brother Jered they become Holy Symbols.

Holy Symbols are the symbol of the RuneScape god named Saradomin. When worn, they will give you some combat defense bonuses, and a combat bonus of +8 Prayer.

Skill Cape

When you achieve a level of 99 in Prayer, you may speak to Brother Jered on the second floor to purchase a Prayer Cape and Hood of Accomplishment. This will cost you 99,000 gp.


The quests listed below involve the Monastery.
  • Garden of Tranquillity
  • The Great Brain Robbery
  • Perils of Ice Mountain
  • Scorpion Catcher