Mining Guild

Author(s): Schmidty102
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Location: South of the East Falador Bank
Requirements: 60 Mining


The main Mining Guild entrance, of two, is located just to the south of the East Bank in Falador. The other way you could enter the guild is through the Dwarven Mines. There is a gate to go through on the southern end of the mining caves.


There is only one requirement to enter the guild; 60 mining. You can use specialty items to give yourself a temporary boost to enter the guild.

The two known items that give you a boost to allow entrance to the guild are:

  • Dwarven Stout - Gives a temporary boost of 1 level to both mining and smithing
  • Dwarven Stout(m) - Gives a temporary boost of 2 levels to both mining and smithing

The Guild

At ground level you can speak to the dwarves which are well known in Gielinor for mining and smithing and you can even purchase a mining skill cape here if you have level 99 mining.

Inside the guild are an abundance of coal ore and a few mithril ore. You can see both entrances in the map below (refer to the introduction) and where all the ores are located.

PvP Mining

There has been some controversy over the past few years on whether it is better to train mining on a Player vs. Player World. The answer is a maybe.

There is a chance that you will be attacked if you are found running back and forth between the guild and bank. If you decide to go on one of these "less-cramped" worlds then we advise that you leave all your armour in your bank and just carry your pickaxe that way you don't have any chances of losing anything except ore, if you are killed. Note that the banks are safe zones as is the guild.