Heroes' Guild

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Members: Yes
Location: North of Taverley
Requirements: Completion of Heroes' Quest


To enter the Heroes' Guild, you must first complete the Heroes' Quest.
The Heroes' Guild is located south of Burthorpe and north of Taverley.
In the main hall there are statues of the heroes Arrav and Camorra, and you will see that you can go up or down. On the first floor resides Helemos, who will sell dragon battleaxes or dragon maces to any hero. There is also an altar if you need to recharge your Prayer.
If you head down the ladder, you will find yourself in a large dungeon area. This area contains precious metals such as mithril, adamantite and even some runite rocks! Aside from this, there is also a caged blue dragon, useful for heroes to train on. Last, but by no means least, there is the Fountain of Heroes, the fountain into which you dip your uncharged amulets of glory to receive 4 new charges.


The only requirement to enter the Heroes' Guild is to have completed the Heroes' Quest first.

Getting There

  • Game's Necklace teleport to Burthorpe and run South
  • Combat Bracelet teleport to the Warriors' Guild in Burthorpe and run South
  • Teleport to House if your house is in Taverley and run North
  • Balloon Transport system to Taverley and run North
  • Teleport to Falador and run to Taverley and up North to the Guild

The Guild

There are four floors to this Guild (including the Basement/Dungeon).

First Floor

There are a few features to the First Floor of the Guild.
Upon entering the Guild, you'll notice two statues in front of you.

They're of the heroes Arrav (left) and Camorra (right).
This floor also has a ladder going down into the Basement/Dungeon of the Guild, a staircase going up to the Second Floor, and a large door that leads out to a fenced in area with four Evergreen trees and a Dead Tree.

Second Floor

The Second Floor only has two special things about it.
First, there is an altar on this floor. It'll restore your Prayer points back to normal if you pray at it.

There is also a shop on this floor that is owned by a man named Helemos.

This store only contains two items, these are (from left to right):
  • Dragon Battleaxe
  • Dragon Mace

Besides the altar and store on this floor, there are just three ladders leading up to the Third Floor and the staircase that leads you back down to the First Floor

Third Floor

This floor doesn't have anything special to it. Even the two Chests on this floor are empty.


This has to be the most important floor of the whole Guild. You can access it by using the ladder in the Southwest corner of the First Floor.
When you first get down the ladder you will see two level 27 Giant Bats. If you continue to follow the path you will also see a Blue Dragon enclosed in a fenced in area.

As you see in the picture, this is a popular place for users to range at. You'll rarely see this Blue Dragon not being in some fight.
Across from the Blue Dragon are some rocks that contain ore.

There are two Adamantite and two Mithril rocks at this spot in the dungeon.
A little Southeast of the above rocks is another spot for miners. There are three rocks at this location.

Each of these three contains Coal.
After continuing to follow the path East you will have to turn South. At this point you will see three more level 27 Giant Bats.
The highest concentration of ore is also in this last bit of the Dungeon. There are 8 Coal rocks and 2 Runite rocks.

These rocks are in the most Southern part of the Dungeon near some boxes. As you can see from the above picture, these rocks are highly popular. It is rare to see both of these rocks containing their Runite Ore at the same time. People hop from world to world just to mine these two rocks.
To sum it up, this Dungeon contains:
  • 11 Coal
  • 2 Mithril Ore
  • 2 Adamantite Ore
  • 2 Runite Ore

There are two more things left worth mentioning for this Floor of the Guild.
There is a Small Obelisk that you can Renew your Summoning points at if you wish

The last thing in the Basement is the Fountain of Heroes.

It can be used to recharge any Amulet of Glory that you have on you, this includes any worn, on the time of use.


The quest listed below is the only quest that involves the Heroes' Guild:
  • Heroes' Quest