Cooks' Guild

Author(s): King Uther
Contributor(s): qb1, Faks_Hetler
Members: No
Location: West of Varrock
Requirements: 32 Cooking


To enter the Cooks' Guild, you will need at least level 32 Cooking, and you must be wearing a chef's hat (obtainable from Varrock fancy dress shop or dropped by imps/goblins). If you are persistent enough to reach level 99 Cooking, you can wear your Skillcape of Cooking instead of the chef's hat.
The Cooks' Guild is located due west of Varrock. Inside, you will find a variety of Cooking ingredients and useful items to help boost your Cooking skill.
The Cook's Guild is located in the western part of Varrock. The guild consists of 3 floors.

Getting There

  • Varrock teleport and run west
  • Skills Necklace

The Guild

There are three floors in the Cook's Guild

First Floor

The first person you will see when walking into the guild is the Head Chef. He sells the skillcape of cooking for 99k.
The bank and range to the eastern side is for members who have done Varrock Diary 3.
In the middle, the bin for the mill is located.
The west side features a pump and drain, and the north table has a bar of chocolate on it.

Second Floor

The north part of this floor has two ranges to cook on, and on the west side there is a butter churn.
There are a variety of items on the tables. On the northwest table, there are a cake tin and bowl. On the southeast table, two cooking apples and a pie dish are located.

Third Floor

The main feature of this floor is the hopper and its lever controls, which are used to grind flour. These are on the northern side of the floor.
The tables on this floor also have item spawns located on them. The south table has a cooking apple and a jug, with the east table containing grapes and a pot.