Champions' Guild

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Location: Southwest of Varrock
Requirements: 33 Quest Points


To enter the Champions' Guild, you need to have at least 33 quest points, as you will be taken on the Dragon Slayer quest to prove yourself worthy to the guildmaster.
The Champions' Guild is located south-west of Varrock.
Inside, you will find there is a plentiful chicken supply, with a nearby range, useful if you are a budding chef. Downstairs there is also a trapdoor, the entrance to the Champions' Challenge.
Upstairs you will find Scavvo, the rune retailer. He does not stock rune platebodies, but has a good supply of rune weapons and alternative armour. Valaine is also found on the first floor, and stocks a blue cape (associated with champions), a black full helm and platelegs, and adamantite platebodies.


The only requirement to get into the Champions' Guild is to have at least 33 quest points.

Getting There

  • Combat Bracelet
  • Varrock Teleport and run South
  • Canoe Transport System

The Guild

The first floor has a few features that might interest you. The first thing that anyone notices when they're new to the Champions' Guild is that the Guildmaster will offer you a quest, Dragon Slayer. Besides the Guildmaster there is also a section outdoors that houses many chickens for you to kill if you are in need of Feathers or Bones. If you wish to, you can also take their raw chicken and cook it on the Range in the kitchen section. The last feature of the first floor is the trapdoor that leads you to the arena for the Champions' Challenge fights that you may be offered when killing certain monsters across Gielinor. The Champions' Challenge fights are only available to members.

The second floor only has two features. Both are NPCs that will sell you items.
The first trader is Scavvo. He sells 9 items in his store.

These items are (from left to right):
  • Rune Plateskirt
  • Rune Platelegs
  • Rune Mace
  • Rune Chainbody
  • Rune Longsword
  • Rune Sword
  • Green D'hide Chaps
  • Green D'hide Vambraces
  • Coif

The second person is Valaine. She only sells 4 items in her store.

These items are (from left to right):
  • Cape
  • Black Full Helm
  • Black Platelegs
  • Adamant Platebody


The quest listed below is the only quest that involves the Champions' Guild:
  • Dragon Slayer