Penguin Hide and Seek

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Larry is your typical zoo keeper... or was, until he discovered that the penguins were plotting. The Zoo fired him, believing him to be insane. But is he really paranoid and insane? Working with the PBJ, Larry has heard that there are penguin spies all around Gielinor, and would like to keep tabs on them. But, he has a small problem: he needs to keep an eye out for the penguins caged up in the zoo, and can't possibly keep tabs on the rest of the penguins! Penguin Hide and Seek was released on September 2, 2008, along with the Circus and Shooting Star Distractions and Diversions.


To start this Distraction and Diversion, you must talk to Larry located near the penguin pen in the south west corner of the zoo. If you have completed The Hunt for Redraktuber, you must use Chuck, a Polar Bear, located east of where Larry was.


  • To start: None
  • Extra Penguin Points: Cold War
  • Spy Polar Bear: The Hunt for Red Raktuber

Larry will give you a Spy Notebook. It tells you how many penguin points you have saved up, but it is NOT required for spying. There are only ever *exactly* 10 penguins per week. Before the Cold War quest, all penguins are 1-point, after Cold War, 5 of the 10 penguins are 2-points. After Hunt for Red Raktuber, an extra stationary 1-point polar bear is available, and after Some Like It Cold, a ghostly penguin worth 3-points is availible. You can save up to 50 points with Larry/Chuck before you are unable to spy any more penguins, and must cash them in. Some penguins require quests to be started or completed to be able to get to them. You can spy new penguins after a "reset" every Tuesday night/Wednesday Morning (midnight GMT).


The KGP has given the penguin spies disgusies to help them camoflague with their surroundings. These disguises are very hard to notice... unless the penguin is moving or looking around! Get a good look at the culprits now so you can spot them easier on your travels.
Bush Rock Crate Barrel Toadstool Cactus Polar Bear


  • Before Cold War, max points per week is 10
  • After Cold War, max points per week is 15
  • After Hunt for Red Raktuber, max points per week is 16
  • After Some Like It Cold, max points per week is 19

With penguin points, you can spend them on Gold Coins or Experience. The majority of players spend it on Experience though.


  • For EXP: 25 x Level = 1 Point
  • For GP: 6,500 = 1 Points

Points Calculator

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