Ancient Effigies

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None


Monsters all around RuneScape have uncovered Ancient Effigies left behind from ages past for untold reasons. A lucky adventurer may happen upon one while killing monsters. Let it learn from you, and in return it'll reward you with experience... but at what cost?

Skill Pairs

Ancient effigies want knowledge, but luckily only want knowledge in one of two skills at a time, letting you choose which of the two skills you want to teach it. They will be paired up in the following possible ways:
  • Agility or Crafting(A)
  • Construction(A) or Thieving
  • Cooking(A) or Firemaking
  • Fishing or Farming(A)
  • Fletching(A) or Woodcutting
  • Herblore(A) or Hunter
  • Mining or Smithing(A)
  • Runecrafting(A) or Summoning
Assistable = (A)


While there are no requirements for obtaining an Effigy, nourishing it with knowledge does. Remember, if you don't have the level required to Investigate one, you may use the Assist System with someone that does.
Effigy Type Lvl to Investigate
Starved 91
Nourished 93
Sated 95
Gorged 97

Note: The higher level the monster, the more likely it is for the monster to drop an Ancient Effigy. So, decent combat stats are recommended!


As you investigate the Effigies, you will gain experience in the skill you taught it.
Effigy Type EXP Gained
Starved 15,000
Nourished 20,000
Sated 25,000
Gorged 30,000

After you investigate the Gorged Effigy, it will dissolve into a Dragonkin lamp that rewards you experience in a skill of your choice. The experience is based on your level.
If you can't investigate the lamps, or find someone that can (through the Assist System), you can turn in your Effigy to Historian Minas, location on the second floor of the Varrock museum. He will give you an experience lamp, but you won't get as much as if you were to get the Dragonkin lamp.