This is a safe activity. If you die during this task, you will not lose your items.


Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Requirements: 40 Combat

Getting there

The Conquest activity is located at the Void Knights' Outpost. To go to the island, talk to the squire on one of the southern most docks of Port Sarim. Once arriving at the Outpost, head to the large building to the west.
Once there, you will see Captain Ethar and Knight Dorian. The Captain will give you an optional tutorial if you talk to him. Speaking with Dorian will allow you to hire troops, set their positions, and choose which Commands you wish to use during the Activity.


The focus of Conquest is to use your units to "kill" your opponent's units. Each unit has different stats and attacking abilities. You can only move one unit per turn. After moving, you can attack with that same unit if an enemy is within attack range. Moving a unit is optional. If no unit is moved in a turn, then you can skip directly to combat and can attack once with only a single unit per turn if an enemy is within that unit's attack range.
  • Movement - The maximum number of grid squares the unit can move per turn
  • Damage - The amount the unit hits on an enemy unit during combat
  • Health - The amount of Life Points the unit has. This goes down as the unit is hit in combat, and when Health reaches zero, the unit "dies"
  • Attack range - How many grid squares away that the unit can attack
Picture Unit Movement Damage Health Attack Range
Scout 6 100 100 1
Foot Soldier 4 300 100 1
Archer 4 100 100 6
Halberdier 4 200 200 2
Mage 4 200 100 4
Knight 4 300 300 1
Champion 4 400 500 1


You have 1000 Squad Resources to work with to hire troops and select commands to use during the Activity. To choose your units and commands, talk to or right click Knight Dorian.

Unit Costs

Unit Cost
Scout 25
Foot Soldier 50
Archer 100
Halberdier 75
Mage 100
Knight 150
Champion 200


Commands are actions that you can perform on either your own or your opponent's units, depending on the command. Commands often turn the tide of battle, and, if used wisely, give you an extra chance to pull ahead of your opponent.
Commands require Command Points to use. You gain 25 Command Points per turn, and gain more when you kill an opposing unit. The amount of points you gain depends on the unit's cost. For example, if you kill a Scout, you will receive 25 Command Points. If you kill a Knight, you will receive 150.
You may only have up to four Commands selected at a time, and assuming you have enough Command Points, you can use as many of them as you want during your turn. After using a Command though, you will not be able to use it again for a certain number of turns during its "cooldown" period.
Picture Command Description Cooldown Cost
Battle Cry A target troop you control gains +200 damage and +200 health until the start of your next turn 5 75
Stoicism A target troop you control gains +400 health until the start of your next turn 5 75
Regenerate A target troop you control has its health completely restored 4 150
Bombard A target troop's health is reduced by 100 (any troop defeated will not grant Command points) 2 200
Winds of Fate A Command, at random, reaches the end of its cooldown period and is ready to use 2 150
Charge A target troop you control has its movement attribute doubled for this turn 5 75
Chastise A target enemy troop cannot move or attack during your opponent's next turn 3 50
Vigilance A targeted troop you control strikes first when defending until the start of your next turn 3 50
Shield Wall All damage dealt to target troop you control is reduced to 100 until the start of your next turn 5 50

Unit Placement

After you have your troops selected, it is equally important to decide how you want to place them at the start on your side of the battlefield. Speak to Knight Dorian about your Unit Placement.

Each letter represents a unit type, so S is for Scout, A is for Archer, etc. Hovering over a letter shows you the name of the unit. You can place your units however you want in the first three grid rows, with only one unit allowed per grid square. To arrange the units, simply click and drag the unit's letter to the desired grid square.


When ready, head down the stairs and go down the hallway. The north room with the green barrier automatically pairs you up to play against someone else in the room with a similar rating as you. The south room with the red barrier has you manually pair up with someone, allowing game options to be voted on.
Once in a game with someone, to scroll around the grid, use your mouse and put it at the sides of the game screen until an arrow appears, then the screen will start scrolling towards the direction you pointed the mouse. To rotate the camera, use your arrow keys as normal.
You only have a certain amount of time to perform your turn. The amount of time you have depends on the game options. At the top of the screen you will find who's turn it currently is, and how much time they have left for that turn.


On the Turn Options tab, it tells you what phase you're on, and how much time is left on the turn. If it's your turn, then the "End Phase" and "End Turn" buttons appear there as well.
Each phase is optional, and can be skipped at will. Commands can also be used during any phase.
  • Selection Phase - A unit is selected to move or fight with during the turn
  • Movement Phase - Selected unit is allowed to move up to the maximum allowed grid squares
  • Combat Phase - Selected unit is allowed to attack any opposing units within its attack range
  • Rally Phase - Extra time is given to look over the playing field and any last second use of Commands

After all of your phases are over, click the End Turn button in the Turn Options tab.
Using the Troop Details tab, you can see the current stats of any selected unit, and see the Commands currently affecting the unit
The Commands tab shows you available Commands that you can use, as well as how many Command Points you currently have
In the Quitting Options tab, you will find buttons to offer a Truce to your opponent, in which they can accept or decline for a draw. If you quit the game, you will lose rating and not gain any Commendation Points



For completing a game, you will receive Commendation Points, and gain or lose rating depending on if you won or lost. Commendation Points stack with Points earned from playing Pest Control.

  • The amount of experience you get depends on your levels.
  • A void knight deflector requires 1250 rank in Conquest to buy, and is available for 150 Commendations afterwards.